1. A

    Painting over linseed oil putty

    I've putty pointed some windows using linseed oil putty. Can I paint over this type of putty using a water based paint? For the record I have some water based zinsser exterior allcoat. The putty doesn't seem to indicate anything, all it says is allow 7 days to dry before painting. It's the...
  2. A

    Linseed oil glazing putty drying time

    Hi, I have a window which needs to be putty pointed from the outside. I note linseed oil glazing putty can take anything between 7-21 days to dry before it can be painted. Does it matter if it rains within this time period, in other words will rain have any negative impact on the putties...
  3. hellopaul2

    Alternative to putty for metal windows

    Hello, I am in the process of refurbishing the first of many metal windows in my house. I'm using this first one as a kind of experiment to find the best way of going about it. So far I've: Removed the casement/opener. Had it dipped to remove the paint. Primed it with Rustoleum 1085 Hard Hat...