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    Problem With UPVC Door Handle

    Hi everyone, I'm having trouble removing a UPCV door handle and wondered if anyone can help please? See photos. I have taken out the two screws that hold the handle in place - most videos or explanations on the internet explain that this should be it, job done, and that the handles should...
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    PVCu patio sliding doors and DPC, how low can you go?

    Hi All, We have had someone round to check an opening for PVCu doors and he recommended we take the course of bricks down a level. The builder has responded that he can’t go down a course of bricks as this would mean he is below the damp course of the building. However, this means there is a...
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    Is there a Glue or Filler for white PVCU?

    I recently replaced the lock/lever unit on my front door, to fix the old faulty unit. Unfortunately, the new unit did not exactly match my old door frame so I had to make some new holes and leave the old holes in place. Although I tried to fill them using white(-ish:whistle:) epoxy putty, the...
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    UPVC Door Handle - Unusual Size?

    Hi, I need to replace some patio/french door (UPVC) handles. I've tried looking for an identical replacement but I can't find anything of a suitable size. Here's the measurements as best as I can determine: All centres, e.g. lock centre, spindle centre, etc. Lock to Spindle - 92mm Top screw...