Problem With UPVC Door Handle

20 Jan 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble removing a UPCV door handle and wondered if anyone can help please?

See photos.

I have taken out the two screws that hold the handle in place - most videos or explanations on the internet explain that this should be it, job done, and that the handles should just come away, but mine do not.

There are no other screw holes on either handle - again, I have heard about some handles having extra grub screws to remove but there are none here. I have removed other screws around the handle area on the door frame just in case, as well as the lock, but nothing helped.

Other internet videos/forums have said it might be corrosion of the handles sticking onto the spindle, so I tried lots of WD40 as advised but that did nothing. I had already tried pulling hard at the handles hoping they would come apart with a bit of force so then tried prising the handles with a flat head screwdriver to hopefully lever them off, but this just bent the handle fascia plates.

Now, looking down in between the handle and door there are definitely no other screws, just the spindle and the handles. Having bent the fascia plates I'm aware I'll have to now buy a new set of handles, but I can't do anything without getting these handles off, apart from replace the whole door which I obviously don't want to do.

Tbh I don't even know if the handles were the problem in the first place - reason for attempting to remove them was because when I turned the handle there would be a crunchy kind of sound coming from the mechanism and the handles didn't seem to engage the latch properly, so it was very difficult to open. I thought maybe a spring had worn down somewhere and a quick handle or spring replacement would do the job.

Which has turned into this. Am I being thick?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)



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As you say no more screws to remove in that. My suspicion is that the centre spindle has rusted in the actual handle, or where the spindle goes in the handle has become distorted and its ' wedged ' itself, have you tried ' wiggling ' the faceplate left and right?( guessing you probably have ) . Does the outside handle not come off either?
Hi, thanks for the reply - yes, I've put a lot of weight and force into trying to move the handles and face plates but it's like both the handles are super-super glued onto to the spindle.
The 2 handles and the spindle are like one piece, as though they were machine-formed that way, its bizarre.
At this rate I'm going to have to try angle grinding through the spindle or somehow cut through the handles as there doesn't seem to be non-destructive way of getting these off.
The handle looks like a ' Hoppe ' handle ( possibly this one , you'd need to check the measurements though ) and if it is then the spindle should remove from the actual handle , they all come as seperate parts. Its either rusted in or twisted and jammed solid. As you say , I think the only way forward is going to be complete destruction of the handle and in that case I would cut through the where the spindle goes into the handle ( handle side of the the backplate , not between backplate and door sash if possible ) , so you do as minimal damage to the actual door as possible , then you may be able to knock the centre spindle out with a hammer and punch
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I took an electric metal/plastic cutter to it just now between handle and plate and it popped off! So yes, seemed like it was rusted on.
Handle is definitely ruined so I have bought a replacement handle. Job done and again thanks so much for the advice, thought I was going crazy!

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