1. J

    Looking for advice on replacing blown panes in a timber frame

    We are about to move into a house with original timber frames that are 27 years old. Many panes have blown, and all will likely follow in time. Our current thinking is to keep the timber frame and just replace the panes (and not replace everything with uPVC). But we are struggling to get a...
  2. T

    Upgrading to multi-point lock

    I'm looking to upgrade my front door's lock to a kitemarked multi-point lock (the kind that insurance companies like to see). The UPVC door currently just has a single latch although it looks like there are cut-outs towards the top and bottom in both the door and the frame where I presume there...
  3. O

    Losing my mind with the wet plaster around window

    We moved into an old 1920’s terrace property . It had a ton of hidden damp issues which we worked hard to resolve properly. EVERYTHING has been completely renewed except for windows and doors which I believe were poorly fitted by the previous owner. I’m a novice but I believe this because the...
  4. G

    Leaking UPVC Conservatory Picture Window

    Good evening, I have a leaking window in a conservatory, it appears to be leaking out of the bottom left of the frame. I checked and there are no drainage or weep holes I think this is correct for non opening windows. I checked another non leaking frame and it also did not have any weep holes...
  5. Ouch77

    retrofit UPVC Door restrictor/check strap

    Hi all, I'm looking to fit a couple of sets of door restrictors, or check straps - to some UPVC Double glazed french doors. Is it a case of one size fits most? or do I need something specific to fit a particular supplier? One set of doors is a fairly recent install with rehau extrusions, the...
  6. B

    Advice - 40mm Solvent Weld leaking on joint to a ‘grey’ 40mm waste??

    Hi all I had a leak from a bath waste last year and it was found to be a coupler between new 40mm PVC to a grey PVC pipe. The white/new side from bath waste was fine but it was if the other side to the existing grey waste pipe had silicon on it and not solvent glue? Also there was ‘pressure’...
  7. D

    Trying to find replacement handle

    Hi I’m trying to find a replacement door handle for my back French/upvc door. It’s a 92pz on a gu lock if it matters. My screw center distance is approx 110mm, closest I can find is 122mm. Does anyone recognise this size? I’ve trawled the internet for days but I cannot find another like it...
  8. Amani92

    How do I remove my window handles which have no visible screws

    Hi all, please can I get your help in removing these window handles which have no visible screws and no obvious screw covers?
  9. Joanne29

    Can you stick upvc window edging to cement? A bit lost what to do!

    Hi, A bit unsure what to do so was looking for some advice if anybody can help please? We had some windows put in but they were never finished off outside as the window company did a runner (after we paid sadly!) There were huge gaps between the brick work and the window outside, so they...
  10. J

    UPVC double door not sealing fully

    Hi, I'm sure this is a common question but I wasn't able to find the exact same one asked before. We have a double UPVC door in our conservatory: The seals are fine pretty much the whole way around, but in the bottom, where the two doors meet, the active door does not seal to the frame...
  11. P

    UPVC between dormer window frames and soffits

    I arrived home this week to find my builder had fitted out the rear dormer bathroom windows and Juliet balcony windows, BUT also added extra UPVC all the way up from the windows frames to the soffits which I think looks rather ugly. The left picture shows expected design from the final drawings...
  12. H

    uPVC door lock only opens with key

    Hi all, My mother in law has uPVC french doors with no centre column at the back of the house. She had a tradey out a few months back to realign the doors and he's made some sort of adjustment to the Yale multi-point lock. Previously it worked in what I consider to be standard - Turn key to...
  13. simonb873

    Fill gaps above Window

    Hi all, I was cleaning the gutters, and while I was up on the ladder, I thought I'd check the windows. Our windows seems to have a large gaps above the frame. The mortar looks cracked and I believe this is our source of our water ingress and mould forming around the interior window frames and...
  14. N

    Any help appreciated. What UPVC profile is this?

    I've got a job where I need to source some more of this gutter/downpipe Can't find any markings? Any ideas what this profile is called? Any links etc appreciated Many thanks
  15. Susan82

    Guttering Shape - Help!

    Hi all I want to replace a piece of guttering as it’s leaking and I think it was cut too short but I can’t find any replacements that are the same shape as mine. Can anyone help?
  16. V

    uPVC window installation without shims (spacer) and sealant - how to fix this.

    I just got new uPVC window installed on a cavity wall of a 1969 house. I try to put the picture step by step how the worker fitted my window. They removed the window [with such a mess], and I put picture from the starting of the fitting. There are leveling wood (orange) in between cavity wall...
  17. B

    uPVC window - gap in material beneath sill

    Been cleaning/restoring our uPVC window frames. Noticed that the sill was loose so removed it to give it a proper clean. Underneath is a gap in the capping whcih doesn’t look right to me. Imagined that this should run right underneath. The seams of the window frames/seals were sealed with...
  18. T

    Supplier/fitter recommendation upvc windows in HA5

    Hiya, hope this is allowed. I'm hoping someone in my area can recommend a company they have worked and happy with. The windows of the flat webought 3 years ago are terrible. Much condense in winter, I can therefore see mould. I suspect they areboth cheap and terribly fitted. I'd like to do a...
  19. J

    uPVC Window Seal

    Hi. We have a uPVC windows which were fitted probably over 15 year ago. There is a gap on the hinge side of both of the outward opening windows, which lets in a draft and noise from outside. The reason for the gap, from what I can tell, is because the window frame is slightly bowed inwards. So...
  20. S

    Resizing double uPVC window to single window

    Hi, I'd like to make the size of my bathroom window opening smaller. I'd then get a new window fitted or if it's possible, use the right hand panel of the existing window. It looks like it may be possible to cut the window down the middle joining bar (to the left side in order to keep most of...