1. J

    uPVC Window Seal

    Hi. We have a uPVC windows which were fitted probably over 15 year ago. There is a gap on the hinge side of both of the outward opening windows, which lets in a draft and noise from outside. The reason for the gap, from what I can tell, is because the window frame is slightly bowed inwards. So...
  2. S

    Resizing double uPVC window to single window

    Hi, I'd like to make the size of my bathroom window opening smaller. I'd then get a new window fitted or if it's possible, use the right hand panel of the existing window. It looks like it may be possible to cut the window down the middle joining bar (to the left side in order to keep most of...
  3. A

    Adjusting gap on UPVC window

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice. I've had a 1-2mm gap in the middle of the hinge side of a window in my living room. I tried some window wedges to pull it in and they did nothing so I bought replacement hinges. Today I fitted them but now the gap is bigger and extends along the top and...
  4. J

    Excessive damp around uPVC door frame

    Good afternoon, I've seen a couple of similar posts on here but I'm still can't work out what's going on here. As you can see from my attached photos, there is excessive damp, mid height around my back door frame. The external brickwork has been repointed recently and looks watertight. The...
  5. T

    Shoot bolt stuck in upvc window

    I've reviewed other solutions but mine seems different. The UPVC window is reasonably modern as it has deep double glazing. Probably 10 years old. I have removed handle & confirm spindle attached & working. It moves the shoot bolt at the top of window but not bottom one. Having checked with...
  6. J

    Cockspur wedge help

    Hi all, I am looking for a replacement cockspur wedge with only one central nub on the back. I've been looking online for ages and have nearly given up so any help would be much apricated. I need one that matches (even roughly) the specification in picture below. I think it must be an extinct...
  7. S

    How to open door with a shattered spindle follower

    My uPVC patio door handle recently stopped working. When I took the handle off and removed the spindle, I found that the 'follower' (square hole that the spindle goes in to) has shattered. I've attached a photo where you can see that the bottom and right side of the follower has broken off. I...
  8. DanRobertsB

    Sliding doors SE London - uPVC vs Composite/Velfac vs Aluminium (Rosewood/White)

    Hi, I need to replace a single glazed (security glass) 2 pane external sliding door, c. 2380 mm wide / 2082mm high. Near Crystal Palace. The current one is hardwood with two single panes of security glass, but is in a poor state and would need significant rebuilding (I'm open to that, but can't...
  9. S

    Hidden Alarm Cable in Window Frame

    Hi all, I'm currently 1st fixing my security alarm cable in my own self build and I am trying to minimise any visible cable / trunking on / around the window frame. It's all hard wired as I am not a great fan of wireless. The frames are UPVC. I have already fitted 2 concealed Elmdene flush...
  10. D

    Divide existing single uPVC window into 2 panels, one glass, one infill panel for cat flap

    I'd like to put a catflap into a tall, narrow double-glazed window (300mm x 1800mm), but the window isn't wide enough for a new glass panel with circular cutout for cat flap adapter. The next best solution would be to divide the window into 2 panels. a 300mm x 300mm infill panel at the bottom...
  11. D

    Plastic float to prevent scratching uPVC

    What sort of float is used when plastering/skimming around uPVC windows so the white uPVC doesn't get scratched by a steel float? I looked on Screwfix but maybe I wasn't using the right search term, I couldn't find anything that looked right. Tnx Dain
  12. Q

    Perfect Fit Conservatory window blinds

    Hi. A few years a go I purchased window blinds using the perfect fit mechanism where they 'slot' in behind the rubber seal in UPVC windows. They've been in for nearly 5 years now but the seals in a few of the windows have stretched or something and the blinds are not flush to the top of the...
  13. S

    uPvc sash - How to restrict opening of lower pane only?

    Hello! I need to restrict the opening of the lower pane of a uPvc sash window - any idea how to do that? It needs to be something that is either permanent or can be locked with a key. I've seen sash window restrictors, but if locked they restrict opening of both windows. I only want to...
  14. B

    Screw fell out of uPVC butt hinge

    I have a misaligned uPCV external door with butt hinges (not sure which manufacturer, but is 3D adjustment type). The bottom hinge is clearly out of alignment and recently a small screw fell out the bottom - my guess is that it has just worked loose over time. I have tried to push and screw...
  15. S

    Which Brand / Product

    Hoping the community can help, Attempting to identify the manufacturer & product line of the following: With thanks, SL
  16. S

    Identify these parts

    Seeking the community's help in identifying the make and specific model no's - of the parts in the pics. Hoping for a) Manufacturer b) specific model number. My Aim: To simply take off the old ones (hinges), and swap them out with fresh clones. Hoping someone can help.
  17. M

    Window showing signs of condensation

    The UPVC windows in my house are showing signs of condensation and this is darkening the net curtains . Can this possibly be repaired or what can be done to correct this. Thank you
  18. cwhaley

    French Door sill too short!

    As per the title -- the sill for my French doors is short by about 10-15mm either end. This is because the builders didn't read the plans properly and have built the opening too wide. Unfortunately it's too late for them to do anything now so I'm on my own. I've spent a good few hours trying to...
  19. R

    Replace uPVC Window Sill Connector

    Is it possible to replace a 135° angle joint/connector on a uPVC window sill without taking the whole frame out? Or do I just buy a connector, cut out the inside, glue to the top of the sill and hope it lasts?
  20. M

    Plaster around window showing surface water bottom corners

    Hi everyone, I recently had new upvc windows installed around my house. We have an issue in particular with the kitchen window. We notice more when it’s been raining that there is surface water in the bottom corners on the plaster around the window. I wipe it away and it comes back. When...