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7 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi. We have a uPVC windows which were fitted probably over 15 year ago. There is a gap on the hinge side of both of the outward opening windows, which lets in a draft and noise from outside.

The reason for the gap, from what I can tell, is because the window frame is slightly bowed inwards. So, even if the window is closed as tight as possible (the other three sides seal OK), there is a gap, which is largest in the middle of the window frame (where the bow is greatest). There is a small bracket halfway up the window which appears to pull the window into the frame when closed, but even then, it's not able to pull it close enough to fill the gap.

While the long-term permanent fix would be to have the windows refitted properly, I want to simply overcome the gap by replacing the seal, at least on that vertical section. What I cannot work out however, is what kind of seal I would need. These photos attempt to show the current seal, when I try and pull it back by hand. It's attached quite firmly, and whilst I could buy a Stormguard seal from Screwfix, I don't think this would fit. The current seal appears to be half black/half white.

So my question to the community is, has anyone seen a similar type of seal, and if so, where could I buy it from?


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You probably won't be able to replace the seals as they are co-extruded along with the frame(bonded on). Those small brackets are called closing wedges or folding wedges and are meant to rub together and if set and working correctly should pull the gap together, I would suggest as something you can do yourself is to remove the wedge thats on the frame and experiment with its position, reposition it a full hole width further in towards the room and try the window, will take a few attempts i'm sure till you find the right spot, you may need to move the wedge higher or lower than the other one so you don't keep finding the same screw holes
Thanks crank39. It does indeed feel like the seal is bonded to the frame.

I read similar posts which refer to closing wedges, and I did wonder whether I could maybe adjust the metal bracket on the window sash, and bend it so that it forces the sash to close to the frame tighter. However, because the frame is bowed inwards, I'm not sure how effective that is going to be, as I doubt there is much ply in the sash.

My other workaround, might be to stick a seal along the sash where it touches the frame, or simply over the top of the existing seal (which isn't really doing much given the size of the current gap!).


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