1. J

    uPVC Window Seal

    Hi. We have a uPVC windows which were fitted probably over 15 year ago. There is a gap on the hinge side of both of the outward opening windows, which lets in a draft and noise from outside. The reason for the gap, from what I can tell, is because the window frame is slightly bowed inwards. So...
  2. 0

    Garage insulation - membrane around combi boiler

    I'm currently in the process of insulating my garage (cold roof). I'll be using a Moll Intello vapour control membrane after the insulation and before battens and plasterboard. The boiler is currently located on the brick wall and as such can't be wrapped (sealed) with the membrane. Is it...
  3. D

    Replaced an outside light, what is best to seal it with?

    Looking for a recommendation on a sealant please. I've just replaced an old outside light. The new one didn't come with any gasket! What's the best sealant for a metal outside light on brick. Can acetoxy cure be used or will it react with the brick or metal?
  4. B

    Where on earth can I get one of these for my door?

    I have an odd combined seal / rain guard on the bottom of my upvc doors. I can’t find anything like it in a builders merchant or online, can anyone suggest where I might get one please?
  5. B

    Timber Door Seal Identification

    Hi, can anyone help me identify this type of door seal? We have 3 on the bottom of each external timber door and quite a few have perished. Can't seem to find anything similar on the web. Thanks, Brian.
  6. Sunjat

    Boss/Soil rubber grommets kit?

    Hello all forum members, I've taken bathroom panel this morning and discovered water stain/patch under short boss connector and the bath waste. I've taken it out in order to try and sit it properly and discovered that inbuilt rubber ring has hardened, so it's leaking water. It's one of those...
  7. RichieSixty

    Paint/Seal/Prime MDF Shelves for Shed

    I've bought a cheap metal shelving unit for the shed that has MDF shelves. As it might get humid in the shed, I want to paint/seal the MDF. Can anyone suggest any products that might work? Couple I've found: ZINSSER SELF-PRIMING PAINT SATIN WHITE 1LTR ZINSSER BULLS EYE 1-2-3 PRIMER-SEALER 1LTR...
  8. D

    Difficulty sourcing replacement 32mm push fit seal in old soil pipe

    I'm putting a washing machine waste on the old sink waste 32mm spiggot/push fit collar on the soil pipe. It looks like the old sink 32mm waste going into the soil pipe was cut to length with a broken roof tile, so the seal is shot. The seat in the old grey 32mm collar is different, so a new O...
  9. R

    How to restore yellowed shower trim (was transparent)

    Our guest bathroom shower enclosure has six transparent seals for the doors - two of which have discoloured/yellowed (same part - from both sides). Before we look at replacing them, does anyone have any tips for restoring discoloured/yellowed trim back to its transparent state?
  10. K

    Tar felt has detached from wall and fallen away. How to fix?

    Photo shows whats happened. Tar felt is still intact and not cracked. I haven't a big flame thrower to heat it all up and put it back. How can I fix this without getting it re-done? Anything that gets it satifcfactorly repaired and watertight will do.
  11. Benmak

    Back door leaking.. Please help

    Hello. I'm concerned about my backdoor as we have had some heavy rain in the last day and I noticed a wet patch in the concrete that meets the corner of the door frame. Somehow water is making its way into the house through both edges of the door. I have always had concerns over the...
  12. D

    New bath has arrived, why is it shorter than sales spec dims?

    I just bought an 1800x725 bath, I'm going to enclose it on 3 sides with stud. But the bath only measures 1790 along top of rim, flaring out slightly to 1794 at the underside/lower edge the rim lip. So is the 1800 given in the sales spec the length of the alcove required to accommodate bath...
  13. S

    Stopcock - Repacking - Advanced - Graphite Rope / Nylon repacking

    This is not your normal 'My stopcock is leaking - so we suggest ptfe/o-rings/locktight-thread to repack' discussion. There are tens of those types of posts - covering those solutions already. I am seeking to explore the topic of advanced/permanent repairs - to the packing material. If I have...
  14. I

    Cheap Plastic Internal Doors & an Acoustic Seal

    I have those doors that look like paneled doors but where the surface is made of plastic - common in modern houses. I would like to route or cut a groove to mount an acoustic seal - just a thin piece of flexible rubber. The door is made from a wooden outer frame and then covered with what...
  15. stratford_noob

    Waterproofing exterior garage wall

    Hi, I have long going dampness issue on one of my garage wall as big part of it is under the ground level as it makes border with my neighbour who has his ground level higher then me. I have finally managed to dig a trench around the wall in my neighbour garden and now I need to seal it, and...
  16. M

    Dishwasher Built-In Door Seal/Skirt name?

    Hi there, I hope this is the right place to post this. We have a Neff s51m53x1gb built-in dishwasher, and we're in the process of getting a new kitchen so installing it in to new units. There was a seal or skirt that ran along the edge of the dishwasher before that has now been broken or torn...
  17. S

    Are these windows fitted ok? Pics included.

    We live on a fairly busy road, technically 20mph but everyone does at least 30mph. There is a constant stream of traffic until fairly late in the evening and queues during morning and evening rush hours. Motorbikes go up and down late at night. No lorries or buses normally though due to narrow...
  18. D

    Gap around boiler flue duct

    Hello , had the cover off the other month and saw this gap around the boiler flue duct. Just wondering what should be around it as it doesn't look correct? Should there be a gasket around it? Boiler is an Ideal W2000 Thanks in advance Daniel
  19. P

    Need help with specific rubber seal for door

    Hi - i was wondering if anyone on here knows where i can get a replacement for the attached. I don't know what its named under so am stumped with getting a replacement. Any help would be grateful.
  20. A

    Leak around bay window

    We’re almost finished renovating our home and I’ve come to find theres a leak coming in through the bay window. In the images i’ve already removed the sealant on the interior. the the internal joints of the bay window (first 2 pics) theres water coming in. Obviously in the internal corner...