1. L

    Excessive condensation

    Hi all We live in a semi detached Edwardian property with two large bay windows in the master bedroom and lounge. In the master, no matter what we do we seem to get excessive condensation each morning. We have tried a dehumidifier (didn’t work) so am at a bit of a loss to what we could do. We...
  2. stratford_noob

    Roof glass panel installed wrong?

    Hi, so I got installed warm roof on the conservatory including fancy glass panel . However the glass panel behaves weirdly, as when there is a sun light, it gets very hot in the inside and is basically emitting heat into the room. Also now there appeared some sort of weird blistering on the...
  3. S

    Hidden Alarm Cable in Window Frame

    Hi all, I'm currently 1st fixing my security alarm cable in my own self build and I am trying to minimise any visible cable / trunking on / around the window frame. It's all hard wired as I am not a great fan of wireless. The frames are UPVC. I have already fitted 2 concealed Elmdene flush...
  4. H

    Tenement living room window bay paneling and insulation

    Hi there I have a tenement flat in a tenement building built in the 1890s. I've just removed the ugly upvc window casing and wooden stool or sill. What's left then is the stripped upvc windows in wooden frames, sitting on the sandstone exterior wall. I like the original wooden panelling and...
  5. N

    UPvc windows painting or replace new?

    Hi, extending house and I would like to change the colour of the existing windows to match new windows. Old windows are white, for extension nee windows I want to go with anthracite grey out and white inside. would like to change the colour of existing windows to match. is it good idea to...
  6. therafox

    Does anyone know what kind of blinds these are (and how to fix them)?

    Hey all, I recently moved into a new flat that has these blinds I haven't seen before: They seem to be fixed into the PVC somehow and I can't seem to locate any screws. On the inner side there seems to be some kind of metal fixing: The issue is, one of them is ripped, so I'm trying to...
  7. A

    Window frame gap needs closing - what's the best way?

    I've a window with a gap around the frame in one corner - it measures about 1 ft x 1.5ft. It's pushed out on the outside too, so there's a draft. Can I just use strong glue and push the frame back in, or would that put pressure on the window pane and risk cracking it over time? Any other...
  8. D

    Velux balcony window VEB won’t shut. Frame too far away.

    Opened lower window on a velux balcony (VEB lower GEL upper). It now won’t shut. It is tight on the bottom sill but the main issue is that the left hand edge of the frame where the locking mechanism bolts lock into are now too far away. It is too far away for bolts to engage. So will just swing...
  9. M

    Bay window fitting help

    I am currently having my bay window fitted. Not sure if it is just me but it looks a bit off . Please help review the pictures. Also the blue coloured led underneath the window sill what can be done to reinvigorate this. How can I replace this as it looks really battered .Is the double glazing...
  10. P

    uPVC door with window - window now loose and air gap...

    There now is a gap on the outside of the door and the inside of the door betwen the uPVC frame and the window. Not sure how to tackle this and if it can be resolved easily. I would say the gap between the frame and the window on the outside is maybe 4mm in places and about 2mm on the inside.
  11. L

    What is this and why?

    Hi all, does anybody know why this is happening on my window side panels (or whatever they're called). As you can see, it seems to be the lining on the inside of the window that's peeling and it's now showing all the insulation between my inside wall and the window itself. I have called the...
  12. M

    Window showing signs of condensation

    The UPVC windows in my house are showing signs of condensation and this is darkening the net curtains . Can this possibly be repaired or what can be done to correct this. Thank you
  13. cwhaley

    French Door sill too short!

    As per the title -- the sill for my French doors is short by about 10-15mm either end. This is because the builders didn't read the plans properly and have built the opening too wide. Unfortunately it's too late for them to do anything now so I'm on my own. I've spent a good few hours trying to...
  14. cwhaley

    Floor Poured before BCO Inspection

    We've got the shell of an extension at the back of our house, completed by a builder. Roof, walls, concrete floor, etc. -- just no windows or doors. Throughout the build communication was absolutely rubbish with me constantly having to chase things up, and taking time off work for no-shows...
  15. C

    Should this window gap be sealed and how?

    Hello folks, I have attached a photo of my window which seems to have a gap between the cill and the window (I am referring to the bit where that small leaf seems to be stuck). Should this be sealed because I read somewhere that a gap is required for drainage but then I have also read that it...
  16. J

    Partially bricking up a window opening above steel beams

    Hi all, I need to reduce a window opening on the first floor from one large window into two smaller ones. Below the window are two universal beams back to back which are supporting the wall above an opening into an extension (a few courses down, not directly underneath). Before I go employing...
  17. S

    Water stain above window

    Hi all, we have water stains above the windows in our bedroom. The bedroom is a converted loft/attic so the windows are slanted Fakro. The stains have been there since we moved in, and when we moved in the previous owners had left the windows open from at least June to end end of august (when we...
  18. J

    Retroactive Building Control for DIY Window Install

    Hello all, We're in the middle of planning for extension which is likely to happen next year. As part of the works I plan to do the internal reworks this year (mostly just moving a stud wall to create a corridor upstairs to the new bedroom) and then have the extension built next year and knock...
  19. T

    Window Sealing?

    Hi, During our renovations we have removed the wallpaper and along with this the UPVC “edge” around the window has come off. What products would you use to “connect” the windows to the wall and to get rid of the unsightly gaps? Thank you
  20. S

    Triple glazing

    Is there a big price difference between single and double glazing on a standard window (no bevelled glass or leading). Bedroom dorma window that measures 4m long is double glazed but not very good in terms of sound proofing, wondered if triple glazing was worth the extra money assuming the price...