quartz worktop

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    Quartz worktops concern

    Hi. I'm wondering if anyone out there has any experience of quartz worktops in their kitchens? I was listening to the Reclining Pair podcast the other day, where the host was talking about fitting the kitchen in his newly (self) built extension. He was saying that quarts has energy holding...
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    Quartz Worktops - Grosvenor Granite and others

    Hi everyone We're in the midst of an extension / kitchen remodel and need to make a decision on worktop. We're having a 3500 run of cupboards and a 2400x1200 island. Just two cutouts for sink (inset so no drainage grooves or anything like that) and hob. We've chosen the quartz we want...
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    Quartz Branded VS Unbranded

    Hi everyone, I’m currently in the process of purchasing quartz for my kitchen. One which has caught my eye is the Carrara Misterio by Unistone. The company I’m looking to purchase from can supply the Unistone but also do their own Carrara which is cheaper. My questions are, what are the...
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    Quartz worktops

    I am considering replacing my laminate kitchen worktops with quartz. I have had quotes from a couple of local "designer" kitchen companies which do seem a bit high. They both subcontract out the fitting of these worktops and you get the feeling they would really like you to buy a whole new...