1. N

    Quartz worktops concern

    Hi. I'm wondering if anyone out there has any experience of quartz worktops in their kitchens? I was listening to the Reclining Pair podcast the other day, where the host was talking about fitting the kitchen in his newly (self) built extension. He was saying that quarts has energy holding...
  2. P

    Quartz Worktops - Grosvenor Granite and others

    Hi everyone We're in the midst of an extension / kitchen remodel and need to make a decision on worktop. We're having a 3500 run of cupboards and a 2400x1200 island. Just two cutouts for sink (inset so no drainage grooves or anything like that) and hob. We've chosen the quartz we want...
  3. E

    Refinishing and polishing quartz / granite kitchen worktop

    I recently bought a small off-cut of quartz worktop (40cm x 30cm odd) to use as a little shelf in a project I'm doing. It was the exact size I needed but was dull/unfinished and scratched on the face and sides. Local kitchen worktop fitters were all asking £100+ to refinish it, which seemed...
  4. M

    Granite / Quartz Kitchen Worktop Fitters, Measuring / Template and Installation.

    Hi Guys, I am just wondering if anyone out there knows of any Granite or Quartz Kitchen Worktop Fitters in the area. Due to personal health issues, the majority of my kitchen refurb budget was spent on my health costs treatment. I still have some funds left, though, not enough for the...
  5. pollyerrington

    Aqualisa Quartz Digital shower - no hot water

    Hi, I've had no shower for 2 weeks now... Aqualisa can't come out for another week, so I'm hoping someone here can help me fix it myself! The shower came on as usual, but wouldn't get hot (a tiny bit warm) then it just cut off. But the power light on the control was still red. I've tried...