1. TeachMeObiWan

    Seems a bit steep ?

    Hi Everyone, I just had a quote from a builder, and it astonished me. I'm not looking for any specifics here, but I'd be interested to hear anyones thoughts. Im looking to knock down an old carport (3m square) replace it with a small porch extension, same size but with a pitched roof that's...
  2. B

    New combi boiler - am I being bullied and ripped off?

    Hi all, I currently have a 13 year old Worcester Bosch Greenstar 28i Junior Condensing Boiler installed. It's unfortunately developed a leak on the right hand side as you face it, but it's not losing any pressure and we've still got heating and hot water. I went on Checkatrade and found a...
  3. philip tutty

    Fair quote for reroofing

    Can anyone give me an idea if this is a fair quote. Job is to replacing a flat roof double dormer with a new warm deck ( to add more insulation) and also replace old fibre glass insulation in dormer cheeks and faces. The rest of the sloping roof on the front of the house is also being replaced...
  4. X

    Do we need a full reroof?!?

    Please help! We’re not actually considering doing this on our own, just looking for roofing advice. We’ve been living in our first house for just over a year and know nothing about roofing! We have a leak coming into our bedroom along the line of the eaves of the house. We’ve been told by two...
  5. R

    Flat roof quote

    Hi, I have been given GRP roof quote back in July. I have contacted the guy again and he said the insulation price has recently gone up by 20%! so I have to charge you more on insulation. Is this normal? Thanks
  6. E

    How Detailed Do Builders WANT An Extension Spec / Schedule To Be?

    Hi, I'm having a rear extension built (architect has drawn plans), and soon want to contact builders for quotes etc. Expecting the build alone to be ~£80k+. Currently, I've no building details/specifications whatsoever - just drawings of the brickwork (no drawings of how existing parts of the...
  7. D

    How detailed a drawing for Building Regs and Builders

    Hi all, We are newbies, planning to build our first rear extension. Currently we look to switch from expensive-and-not-very-responsive architects with whom we have started to work on options for our rear extension, to some more affordable architectural design bureaus. One option is to take the...
  8. C

    Complete installation of unvented system quote

    Hi All, I'm renovating a small 3 bedroom semi in Norwich. We're planning a large extension (2 storey side, loft and single storey rear) to essentially provide 4 double bedrooms along with complete renewal of the existing house. The current central heating system comprises a gas combi boiler...