rain water

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    Building over a soak away

    Interested to know your recommendations on the following scenario: I have planning permission to build an oak frame garage which will be built on a brick plinth which would go onto a strip foundations. Garage dimensions: 7m x 5.5m ridge height: 4.3m I’ve just been figuring out where existing...
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    Downpipe not going to soakaway

    Hello all. I recently had a roofer come out to look at my leaking guttering. When he came he showed me the downpipe was full of water and some moss etc. He kindly cleared it out for me but had told me that the downpipe just discharges to just under the blocks on my block paving. He showed me...
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    French Drain - Soakaway Crate - Clay Soil

    Good morning, I recently had my garden leveled from quite a steep slope that previously had water streaming towards the house. The problem is we have a retaining wall that encloses the garden on 3 sides, with the house and garden path being on the 4th and a layer of clay soil on top. A lovely...
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    Riser for square clay gulley

    Hi, Need to raise an existing rain water drain so that I can tee into it. Thought it would be easy but the existing clay gulley has a square hole/neck and the t-pieces are 110mm round. I had assumed I could buy a ribbed seal (or similar) but can't seem to find one. Am I googling the wrong...
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    Damp in wall caused by concrete slope

    I'm currently suffering with an external damp issue which is being caused by a concrete slope which runs parallel to some stairs. (see attached photo). Everytime it rains, rainwater runs down the slope and into the wall. It seems as though the previous owners had tried to remedy it by applying...
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    Neighbours Guttering flowing into ours following a loft conversion

    Hi There, Our neighbours adjoined wall on a semi-detached property, just had their loft conversion done. They ‘didn’t want’ a downpipe on their side as it would ‘ruin the look’ of their half... Now the whole of their new flat roof along the house flows into our gutter and our down pipe and...
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    Septic Tank and Foul/Rain water mixing

    Hi, I have a septic tank and I found out my rain water and foul mix and end up in the same tank/drains. This has always been the case since I bought the property 7 years ago and since the drains were put in when the property was built. I've heard they shouldn't mix, however I bought the house...