1. andyr123

    Fridge freezer - freezer is freezing fine but fridge is not getting very cold

    Hi all, I saved a fridge freezer from going into landfill or wherever they go from a neihbours house (with their consent) , a lovely one hisense the make is (looks to be sold by currys in the past) with a cold water dispenser it needed drying out (was left out in rain for about 5 days) and a...
  2. G

    Under-counter fridge with interior freezer compartment.

    The freezer compartment, which I never have anything stored in, at the top of the inside of my under-counter fridge has, for over a year now, been icing up faster than it should, including, significantly, around and on the outside of the door, jamming it shut, requiring defrosting about once a...