Fridge freezer - freezer is freezing fine but fridge is not getting very cold

17 Oct 2005
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Hi all, I saved a fridge freezer from going into landfill or wherever they go from a neihbours house (with their consent) , a lovely one hisense the make is (looks to be sold by currys in the past) with a cold water dispenser it needed drying out (was left out in rain for about 5 days) and a good clean up . Done all that plugged it in motor came on freezer freezing , left the thermostat on number 3 in the fridge part , put a digital thermometer in the fridge to check temp, and its been on for days the lowest it will go down to in fridge part is 5.1c wont go down to 4c even when I put thermost up to 4 or 5 setting and noticed the motor is on near on constantly. Thought well if motor not going off then it must need a new fridge thermostat but I turned the dial down to 2 and the motor did go off but I cannot get the fridge part to go down to 4c at all , there is ice forming at the back of the fridge part at the top but temps are between 7c and 5c lowest (and compressor still on at that)

Been searching on net and all I can find are what seems to be American sites that say its a fan blower motor failure that blows the cold air from.the freezer into the fridge department , but I dont think this fridge freezer uses this kind of system , I cannot see or hear no fan whatsoever ,just the compressor.

Then another site said may need regassing but the site says the compressor will become noisy. The compressor on our fridge freezer is really quiet, I can hear it if j put my ear to the side of the fridge, just like a gentle hum and creaking noise and the freezer is getting really icy , better than our original freezer so I would have thought if it needed regassing then the freezer part wouldnt be getting so icy and the motor will be loud.

Then another site said clear dust from the coils at the back of the refrigerator , but this hisense fridge freezer we have has got a totally flat back , not those black exposed black coils you used to get on the old type freezers and fridges.

Has anyone any ideas why the fridge is not getting lower than 5.1c even when dial turned up and motor on nearly always constantly please apart from thermostat is there anything else it could be? Be such a shame to get rid of it I think there may be some more years left in it.

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I cannot see or hear no fan whatsoever ,just the compressor.

The fan in our fridge freezer was very small and almost hidden and silent.

Our one had a design fault which allowed the mechanism that controlled air flow into the fridge to frostup and jam shut. A manufacturer's retro-fit solution was fitted free of charge and that was when the fan was seen.
Have the same issue with my fridge and have ran into the exact same Google foo as you.

I intend to strip it down ASAP but have been holding off as it was jammers with xmas stuff (itself not conducive to good performance).

Thread BM'd to see how you get on.

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