1. A

    New Ensuite - Regs and Sloped Ceiling

    We are currently planning and designing a new en-suite in our master bedroom. This is an entirely new room as there is no ensuite already. The ceiling along the back, longest wall is sloped with the lowest point being around 5ft. Is there any regulations regarding minimum height/headspace...
  2. robodelfy

    Do I need fire doors on every room if I have a loft conversion?

    Hi I have a room in the roof loft conversion in a mid terraced house in Bristol. It's all been done to regs about 20 years ago. I am renovating now, and need to change all the internal doors. I have read that if I do this then I may need fire doors as the rules have changed. I'm a bit confused...
  3. T

    What fitting(s) for plumbing toilet and shower into soil stack

    I am adding a new bathroom on the first floor of my house and there is limited space to run the drains to the existing soil stack. I have bought a branch connector for the soil pipe (see link) and was hoping to be able to join the shower and basin drain into one of the 40mm side bosses but have...
  4. S

    Rules & Regs For Bathrooms

    Rules & Regs for bathrooms, Could someone please give me the lowdown on what can or cannot be done with bathroom lighting by a home DIY'er? My story, I have knocked down the wall in between my bathroom and airing cupboard, as I am wanting to turn the old cupboard into a shower. I have an...
  5. D

    Regs enquiry - how many layers of plasterboard (catnic type lintel)

    There was a dbl balcony door set into a 4m wall above this steel lintel, but no longer, it just supports floor joists these days. Will regs want it clad with 2 layers of plasterboard? And what type and thickness? Thank y'all kindly
  6. D

    Moving internal door - does the new need to comply with recent fire regs?

    Would the fire resistance of the new door need to be in line with current requirements? Existing doors are all stained and waxed 6 panel pine, so it would look a bit odd to have a modern fire door there. Thank y'all kindly. Dain
  7. K

    Fire board ceilings?

    Hello everyone, We are in the process of buying a 1930's semi, with a view to converting the loft. All the ceilings upstairs require boarding and skimming but I am curious to find out if to if I am required to fire board all second floor ceilings or if the floor can be fire proofed in the loft...
  8. J

    Removing WC from "outhouse".

    Hi I've bought an 1880s house with no heating, barely any electrics and a bathroom in an outhouse. The outhouse is connected to the house by a now-rotting wooden porch-like structure. This structure could easily be knocked down and removed and the outbuilding would again be completely separate...
  9. R

    One FENSA cert for all windows (and doors), or one cert for each item?

    We have just had all windows replaced in a four bed house, installed new bifold doors (lots of glass), and a new side door that is about 50% glass, installed by a FENSA registered firm Should I expect a single FENSA certificate from the installer for the whole job, or an individual certificate...
  10. eveares

    Socket to close to Sink?

    Just wondering what the regulations were for how close a socket could be to a sink in the year 2000. The photo below is from a kitchen at a commercial office building that was likley built around the year 2000, the edge of the socket is only about 100mm-150mm away from the edge of the sink ...
  11. R

    Knocking down wall built for regs approval

    Hi, We are having a loft built with regs and have to put a wall between the kitchen and the hallway on the ground floor for approval. The builder said the wall can be knocked down again after we get the regs. If we then sold the house in a few years, would we have to rebuild the wall?