remedial work

  1. G

    Flitch beam / joist

    Hello, have to repair an undersized and badly notched joist 38x175mm sitting in an intermediate floor connected to the ceiling below. The joist is sagging but also has a slope resulting in a lower level support in the middle of the flat (double span joists). A metal plate 8x150mm would be...
  2. G

    Wall ties don't meet inner wall

    Hi, I noticed my upstairs window was looiking funny, on investigation the outer wall has moved maybe an inch or more away from the inner one and pulled the brown surface of the window frame with it. On removing the outer filler trim I can get my fingers in the cavity. I can see that the wall...
  3. G

    Best mortar for crack in wall

    Hi, I have a crack in the brickwork of an old (80 yrs ?) house. Had a structural engineer who said its historic. Whats the best mortar to repair it with please ? Ive been looking at something called hybrid resin mortar that looks very strong, would that be suitable ? The bricks are engineering...
  4. eveares

    Damp remedial work - Done correctly?

    Hi all, welcome to my post. The front room of our house has had damp issues since we bought it in early 2012. We then had an large extension later that year, although the front room with damp problems was not touched back then due to finances at the time. Our place was originally a cow shed...