28 Jul 2012
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Hi all, welcome to my post.

The front room of our house has had damp issues since we bought it in early 2012. We then had an large extension later that year, although the front room with damp problems was not touched back then due to finances at the time.

Our place was originally a cow shed that was converted into a two bed bungalow in the late 60's and as such the foundations on the old part of our house (aka The room in question) is only around 6 inchs thick if memory serves me correct.

Now I am not exactly sure of the damp type (i.e. rising vs. penetrative) that affected the room in question as I have not personally been dealing with it, but last May we got a plasterer in who claims to have 25 years of experience in the industry including that of diagnosing and repairing damp issues. Haven chose him, we then consequently ripped all the plaster/plaster board off to expose the bricks and then had holes spaced 4 inches apart drilled into the bottom of the walls outside what were injected with some sort of sealant/liquid or gel based damp course. This was done back in May.

Now a couple of weeks ago we had the room tanked inside after waiting a long time (many months) for the room to dry to a sufficient level to apply the tanking solution. Now this was done to a poor standard with the tanking solution mixed up incorrectly (to thick IIRC) on the first day, so they had to come back the next day to re-do it. They were only here on the second day for 3 and half hours. We also had to fill in the gaps in ourselves that the labourers missed.

We complained to the main plaster two weeks ago when the taking was done regarding the poor job his labourers had done and the general messy state that they left our room in. Now he should have been coming around later that same week to check on the progresses of the taking solution drying (what he said should only take a few days) and doing whatever is needed next in preparation for the dob-and-dab plasterboard to be applied to the walls.

We have tried phoning him regularly, but the last we heard was the beginning of last week when he said he had the flu and would be in touch. We have heard nothing since.

Also suppressing given that is Check-A-Trade rating on all four scoreable categories is over 9.9 and that all reviews he has got on CheckAtrade is also rated over 9.

Anyway the walls appear to still be very damp still as can be seen by the pictures, although hopefully it is just condensation or very slow drying out process as the room does not have any natural ventilation (old window with no vents) or heating at the moment. It is also worth noting though that my little STIHL wood moister meter (On its bricks/mortar/plaster mode) is reading a over load when used on the damper and darker parts of the walls.

Also not sure what products have been used where, but pictures of those are also attached, All pictures at bottom of post.

Anyway, Just really want your guys advice and to ensure that everything has/is being done correctly.


Worst Wall:

Another view of the worst wall:

Window Wall:

Best Wall:

Tanking Slurry:

Water proofing solution:

Tanking Slurry Cement:

Rapid Cement:

Sand from builders yard:

Regards: Elliott
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I am sorry to say that it all looks like a mess to me and I dont think the guys had a clue to what they were doing. They should of used professional and trusted materials but I think they have just thrown a mixture at the wall and didnt have much of a clue to what they were doing. You could get a reliable damp proofing company in to give you an idea of what should have been done and ask them to tell you what has been done wrong and what it will cost to put it right. I worked in the damp proofing and dry rot treatment industry in the early 80.s . You could see if Sovereign Damp Proofing and Dry rot treatment company are still going and see if there is a representive in your area and get him out to explain the treatment coarse that they use and what has been done wrong in your case, Sorry to be the barer of bad tidings....
Thanks for your reply Roy C, hopefully others will post with their opinion and point of view.
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