damp course

  1. T

    Is this a damp proofing?

    I’m renmovating an old house and stumbled across something which has had recent plaster attached to it. I want to strip the wall to add insulation, is this something I should worry about or is it old damp proofing?
  2. P

    Damp issue - see illustration. What is the way forward

    Hi All. I have got some damp issues that needs to be resolved. Based on the damp report the specialist created and my own understanding also. I am a little confused as to what the way forward is. I am always wary of damp companies and wanting to do unnecessary works. The house is a mid terrace...
  3. E

    Wildly varying DPC levels with shallow foundation for patio build

    Bit of a uncommon DPC/foundation situation here has left us in a pickle. I've highlighted the DPC levels in green. See Picture. We bought this house 2 years ago. We found its a 1970s, had an extension in 1975 and a large interior redesign in the last 15 years that included moving the rear...
  4. L

    Damp under bay window and in kitchen

    Please can someone help me I’m so desperate I bought this house and everything was done from top to bottom inside before I bought it I seen the house once and now 4 months later theres damp and paint flaking off and damp patches Does anyone know what this could be?
  5. SpaceWorm

    Garage Conversion Wall & Floor Construction Details

    Hello All, I am planning to convert a detached, 1960's, brick-built (singe-skin with piers) garage with a pitched, tiled roof into a new kitchen-diner and connect it to the existing house with a nice walkway with plenty of glass. The garage is approximately 3.5x6.0m. I am planning to construct...
  6. T

    DPM for 1ft engineering brick retaining wall?

    Hi guys, I’m building a single skin, 4 courses solid engineering brick retaining wall to retain a small garden lawn. I’ve left weep holes every 2nd brick at ground level and will backfill with 10mm pea gravel, but wanted thoughts on whether a polythene membrane should be put along the side of...
  7. S

    bridged damp course?

    Having problems with damp on one wall of our Victorian semi. Chemical injection carried out in 2013 by Peter Cox still under guarantee. Only moved in 6 months ago and been quoted silly money for tanking the whole of the downstairs by a damp specialist. Could the patio be a potential issue, I...
  8. Jibber76

    Damp course query

    I’ve got a rising damp issue in the corner of a basement room where directly outside the offending wall is a drain. I’ve cemented up the Sides of the drain as it looked a bit worn out and maybe allowing water to ingress through the breeze block wall, but still getting a problem. Thinking now if...
  9. R

    Is this brick damage anything to worry about? (Potential damp)

    Hi all, Currently in the process of purchasing a 3-bed semi-detached house built in 1971 and have a couple of concerns about the condition of some of the bricks at the front of the house (which is north-facing). Firstly the below - I have no idea what this would be but looks like a crack all...
  10. D

    Damaged damp course

    Hi all, I was taking up an old patio near the house and I noticed a piece of the damp proof course cracked off in the process of doing that. At least I assume that’s what it is. It looks like slate it’s quite a brittle material. You can see from the pictures what I mean where the brown...
  11. C

    Bridging DPC to DPM

    During the build of our extension the builder built the walls (outer and inner) before laying the slab. This means the DPM does not go under the course of blocks containing the DPC. Is this a normal practice these days? There is also a gap between the end of DPM in places and the DPC, can this...
  12. M

    Wrong Damp Course Brick?

    We are currently having a kitchen extension rebuilt. We asked the builder to keep the old brick and reuse it. He said some couldn’t be used and skipped them, however showed us some common brick samples and said he would use these and the existing bricks to blend them in. We were happy with this...
  13. Fishwalker

    Advice wanted on work done to alliviate damp

    Hi I've posted in the trade talk forum the following link, but am being asked there to ask in this forum, about whether it is fine that the replacement 'packing wood' 'pan wood' installed between the physical damp course and bricks above, is a remedy to resolve the rising damp we have in a...
  14. A

    help locate dpc

    hi guys, Really appreciate some help in locating my dpc as have a patio going in and due to the pebble dash, can't locate. Is it likely to be above or below the air bricks? 2nd image shows ground dug up around 5 inches under air brick with still so sign of dpc I don't think so thinking it is...
  15. M

    Reduce the ground level and damp issues

    Damp along the front wall and the party wall just behind the door. Damp surveyor has recommended an "effective dpc" and the ground level be lowered to at least 150mm below the inside floor level or a stone filled soak away. Gas mains runs 10cm below the joist level. The joists sit in the...
  16. G

    Conservatory floor damp

    Some of the floorboard in the conservatory was swollen due to moisture. The water was also obvious on the carpet laying on top of the wooden floorboard. This is close to an area where radiators and heat pipes are but no leak is visible above the concrete floor. I decided to do a trace and...
  17. D

    Gravel path along house

    Hi there, Help please, I am building a one metre wide gravel path alongside my house. Does it all need to be 2 bricks below the DPC? I have hit really tough ground and am struggling to dig it down any further. Hoping I can get away without but still want to do the right thing! Many thanks...
  18. eveares

    Damp remedial work - Done correctly?

    Hi all, welcome to my post. The front room of our house has had damp issues since we bought it in early 2012. We then had an large extension later that year, although the front room with damp problems was not touched back then due to finances at the time. Our place was originally a cow shed...