rendering mid terraced

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    Blown render or something else?

    We live in a Victorian terraced house and our neighbour has come over saying the render has blown near the coping stones right at the top, in between our houses. Turns out they’ve had terrible damp in the kitchen for 5 years but only mentioned anything a few months ago. He came over today saying...
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    Are supports for Edwardian stone cills structural or decorative?

    I'm booked in for complete 40mm external wall insulation and rendering: the contractor says he will chop off the stone cill supports which extend 3 inches beneath the 100 year old stone window cills, as it will 'make for a neater job'. I'm worried that these 'supports' are not just old fashioned...
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    Rendering mid terraced price?

    Hi, Apologies if something similar has already been posted. I'm looking at getting the front exterior of my mid terraced house rerendered in the summer as it's been letting water in. What kind of price would I be expecting to pay? I live in Barnsley S Yorks if that helps. Thanks Hannah