1. S

    Removing concrete patch in suspended timber floor

    This forum has been really helpful in the run-up to undertaking a partial renovation of a Victorian terraced house. I’m intending to sand and finish the pine floorboards in the dining room area, however there appears to be a patch of concrete or similar material in the corner of the room, as...
  2. R

    Solar panels, water tank and aga as back boiler

    We have had an offer accepted on a house with the above. There are radiators. Two solar panels for elec and two to heat the hot water that has a thermostat. The aga is solid fuel but there is gas to the property as they have an oven and gas hob. How much would it cost to install a combi boiler...
  3. Auric

    Advice on the order of renovation works

    Hi all I'm moving into a new house, we got it for a bargain because it's in pretty poor condition. Floor plan Photos I'm not sure about the order in which we should do work to it. The 'essentials' that need doing are: -Rip up the carpet and restore wooden floors (DIY) -Repair/replace any...