replace floor

  1. S

    Kahrs Woodloc 5s- cut out and replace board

    I have a Kahrs Woodloc 5s engineered wood floor, it's very good except in one location at the end, where it is a bit bouncy. I think the concrete base was not completely flat here and has a dip. I was thinking of cutting out a board, building up the subfloor, and replacing with a new...
  2. fatmcgav

    Replacing a Victorian suspended timber ground floor

    Hey all I'm in the process of renovating the living room of our 1900 built Victorian end-terrace. When I went into the project, I knew that I'd probably find some issues with the floor as there were a few soft spots. I'd also planned to pull and replace all of the floorboards in order to...
  3. Ben-v

    Replacing floor joist with concrete slab

    Hi, My partner and I are having an extension on the back of our house and we would like UFH throughout the downstairs. Most UFH systems I have found aren’t the best for wooden floorboards and the floor height would raise substantially, so I was wondering about the feasibility of replacing the...