1. Jim sparks

    Pyronix Enforcer Installation

    I've installed a Pyronix main panel and 6 wireless PIRs. I won't be using an external bell for the time being although I'll probably use more of its features later. I'm left with some resistors but the various literature doesn't give any hints. I presume they are to balance wired connections...
  2. M

    Resistor identification

    Hi everyone. I have a resistor I'm struggling to identify. The four bands are either Brown - Black - Brown - Black, or Black - Brown - Black - Brown. I think I'm right that Black can't be a tolerance figure as it is zero. So this would make the resistor 1 ohm with 1% tolerance. Reading it...
  3. T

    Identify Resistor?

    Hello, the attached images of a resistor are from an Amercan appliance. I'm trying to identify the exact resistor if someone could help me please? Next to it on the circuit board is written R1, I believe this equates to 1K? As you can see the resistor has burnt out and therefore the colours...
  4. J

    Galaxy G2-20 Keyswitch Zone Help

    Hi All, Does anybody have any experience with wiring up key switch zones on a Honeywell galaxy system? I seem to be stuck with getting this to work. Instead of an actual key switch, I want to use a relay to allow remote setting/un-setting. Looking at the manual, I need to change the...
  5. P

    Are shunt & EOL resistors common these days?

    The alarm sticky for this forum mentions them. Many websites mention selling contacts and detectors featuring them. It would seem that their usage is common. The first four control panels out of the blue I've looked at (TS500, Veritas 8, ADE G4 and Menvier 510) do not seem to use any...
  6. I

    Connecting LED lights of different colors and voltages?

    Hi guys, I want to assemble a panel of lights of different colors for the lighting of my living room The only thing I know of electricity is that: there are different cables for different resistors for different voltages according to use. I have the idea of order of LED lights in a square...