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    Existing drop kerb, pavement, needs repair

    Hello all I’ve a drop kerb at my house (been there before I bought it) and park on the drive. Been in the house a good few years, and the pavement area of the drop kerb is turning to rubble. Who’s responsibility is the upkeep of said drop kerb/pavement? TIA
  2. D

    Who's responsible for fixing the cracks?

    My bungalow was extended just over 3 years ago and some fine cracks appeared on walls (plaster-on-aerated block) and ceilings (skimmed plasterboard) after 6 months to a year. No new cracks have appeared since although one or two may have grown longer and opened up a touch more but no crack is...
  3. K

    Who is responsible for rendering a party wall?

    We’ve built a party wall that straddles the boundary (party wall agreement in place) - neighbour has agreed this on the basis we’re paying to build the wall. There’s a double layer of breeze blocks with insulation in the middle. Builder says the neighbour must render his side, but the wall must...
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    Gutter and Downpipe Responsibility

    Hi, Couple of questions.. about downpipe and gutter responsibility.. 1. Early Victorian terrace of 4 properties.. 1 downpipe to serve the whole front.. placed roughly in the middle.. whose responsibility? Is it shared? Or the responsibility of the property it goes down and into the land of...
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    Faint cracking on new rendering

    Hi could anyone advise whether filling in faint cracks on new plaster should be something the renderer should rectify, or is it considered to be part of the decorator's job when painting? I had new rendering on the side wall of my house done in April. I've just got round to painting it but when...