1. D

    Patio sub base against neighbours garage wall, please dont fall over

    Hi, I am hoping someone is able to help me. I am in the process of planning a garden renovation, which will involve moving the patio down the bottom of the garden. Unfortunately, the garden dips here and requires building up approx 5 inches. My neighbours garage backs onto this space and the...
  2. Elltee

    Retaing wall specs

    Im looking to build a 11.2m long x 1.2m high retaining wall. Of which the top 700 is soil and 500 limestone Does this sound about right? Recommended from a 'skilled friend' 6inch/140mm 7n dence block 10mm mortar 8 courses all laid flat 6 courses 440 deep 2 courses 215 deep Pillars 2 meters...
  3. T

    Swapping tiers for a retaining wall

    Hi, the rear garden of my property has three small tiers that go up to the top end of the garden. The tiers are about 3m total depth with a final height of the third one about 1.8m. They are currently held by three stone walls that are just set on the soil with no footings at all. Basically I...
  4. L

    Fill material for retaining wall

    HI All, Somewhat of a random question so don't shoot me for asking! I am building a retaining wall to form a driveway next to my house (its about 6m from the house). The height being retained is about 1m in existing made up ground forming a bank to the field next door which is about 1m lower...