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Swapping tiers for a retaining wall

Discussion in 'Building' started by ttsff, 1 Jun 2020.

  1. ttsff


    11 Jul 2017
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    Hi, the rear garden of my property has three small tiers that go up to the top end of the garden. The tiers are about 3m total depth with a final height of the third one about 1.8m. They are currently held by three stone walls that are just set on the soil with no footings at all.

    Basically I want to take out the first two tiers and just build a retaining wall about 1.8m high to free up this space. I have seen the other threads on retaining walls and they all seem to be pretty long. Mine would only need to be about 5m long.

    I was planning to build it out of hollow concrete block on a reinforced concrete footing. I was going to reinforce the wall with rebar running horizontally and vertically and they fill the hollow with concrete. One end of the wall would tie to a very sturdy garage and I was going to form an L shape with the other end and gradually step it down to ground level and put a little fence along it as it is next to the boundary.

    I was just wondering thoughts really? I don’t know if I’m going for overkill with all the rebar but most things I build are over engineered anyway. Help with footing dimension would be useful

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  3. noseall


    2 Feb 2006
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    United Kingdom
    That's going to one long thread.

    I'm guessing the wall will need to be about 2.5 (?) feet thick at the bottom as well as having reinforcement and a bloody good foundation. Have you thought about getting it designed? Whose property is it retaining? Have you thought about temporary works for when the inevitable rain comes?

    Steel piling is quite efficient.(y)
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