ridge beam support

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    Ridge beam

    Hi We are in the process of buying a house that got planning permission as a 'conservatory' but as it has opens into the house with no external doors, and has no independent heating it does not meet this criteria and is an extension. We got an architect round who said the timber beam supporting...
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    How to support existing rafters with a new ridge beam?

    I've got a gabled roof made up of two chunky pairs of rafters, and two dozen much lighter rafters that sit on purlins resting on the larger rafter (and the stone gable-ends of the property). It looks a bit like the diagram below: 1) Green 'lightweight' rafters 2) Purple 'heavy' rafter (which...
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    Rafters in Ridge Steel beam help

    Hi, I'm having a vaulted ceiling and a Ridge Steel has been fitted. Internally, I want a triangular ceiling. I was wondering how the rafters should be fitted on the steel. I've attached an image with two options. 1. where the rafter fits into web of steel with noggins 2. add a bolted timber...
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    Ridge Beam Support?

    Hi , I’ve a 1760 stone cottage , well basically it’s a bungalow with two small bedrooms in the loft,with a staircase that may as well be a ladder. I have literally gutted the entire property back to granite and brick external walls , I have removed the one supporting wall that ran across the...