ridge beam

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    Rafters on ridge beam

    Hi all, I saw this image online and I’m just curious to see if this is structurally a good method to join rafters on top of a ridge beam. In the photo you can see the rafters are beside each other and nailed rather than flush cut and butted up against each other and nailed. To me it has to...
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    Cost to install steel ridge beam

    Please could I have an idea of what I should expect to pay for the supply and fit of: - 152x152x30 steel beam 9m span, or spliced in 3 with 200x120x10 end plates - 400x155x12 flange plates bolted to the steel - padstones either either end 330x140 - a single SHS support column 100x100x5 -...
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    Ridge beam

    Hi We are in the process of buying a house that got planning permission as a 'conservatory' but as it has opens into the house with no external doors, and has no independent heating it does not meet this criteria and is an extension. We got an architect round who said the timber beam supporting...