1. H

    Ground floor feeling colder after floor insulation

    Hello everyone. I'm hoping someone could assist me with a bit of a dilemma. Around 2020, we carried out some renovation to our 1930's semi-detached home. As part of the renovation, the whole ground underfloor, which is suspended with a metre or less drop, was insulated with mineral/rock wool...
  2. W

    Loft Insulation Material

    Hi there, We've just moved house and I'm about to sort loft insulation in the property (it's between the joists but not across - and certainly not up to the 270mm we want to aim for). A couple of questions if that's ok: 1. Any suggestions on which type of loft insulation? We are looking at...
  3. O

    Wall insulation with Rockwool

    Original plan was to use Kingspan but current pricing is a bit ouch so I'm looking at building a 3 x 2 framework parallel to the full brick solid outside walls then filling the void with Rockwool (got a lot of timber and rockwool so those price hikes aren't a big worry). Question- am I ok with...
  4. R

    Power cables in Rockwool

    Hello all, I'm renovating a bedroom and taken the opportunity to put a few more power sockets in the adjoining room (see pic). This is an internal stud wall - I've put Rockwool acoustic slabs in to dampen sound but now I'm thinking should I remove the 2 pieces of Rockwool I put either side of...
  5. T

    50mm Rockwool in cavity wall not 100mm

    Hi lads Can I use 50mm or 75mm in cavity walling and not use the 100mm, its a small music room extension and trying to cut back in costs? 100mm fully fills the cavity I know but would it be k to not totally fill it. Thanks S
  6. marty3

    Insulating a Catnic lintel

    I am on a mission to stop draughts and increase efficiency whilst redecorating. I am about to put plasterboard back up over a catnic lintel that looks like this... I have noticed that you can get catnic lintels that have a polystyrene filling, I was thinking of either stuffing it with...
  7. marty3

    Rockwool - RWA45 VS Sound Insulation Slab

    I have just insulated a stud wall with Rockwool Sound Insulation Slab Now I need smore more for the rest of the walls I have noticed that Rockwool RWA45 is about half the price and looks to be the same product. I have been trough the datasheets for both products but haven't been able to work...
  8. P

    Insulating solid wall

    Hi all, My house dates back to about 1885. Mid terraced, redbrick, lime pointing and plastered inside with lime plaster. When carrying out some renovations I noticed a lot of blown plaster on the internal face of an external upstairs wall. I think that at some stage previous owners had used a...
  9. MikeStout

    Cavity fill: rockwool or EPS?

    Which one is better for a new built: rockwool or EPS? Rockwool doesn't look sturdy enough. Will it fall down with time? EPS, on the other hand, needs to be fixed firmly to the inner skin. Will it stay like that? Yes, the question may seem silly, sorry.
  10. D

    Rockwool 100mm semi rigid Accoustic insulation - electric cables

    I was thinking of putting some of this up in a ceiling whilst I have the joists bare, from below that is, before putting new plasterboard up. Will it be ok to just lie any cables on top of it? Thanks Dain