1. D

    Fixing acrylic bath - enclosed 3 sides (1 masonry, 2 stud)

    The 4 supplied fixing brackets are quite minimal; fixed to the wall, with silicon bonding bath to bracket. There are 3 strengthening blocks moulded in to the underside of the rim (plus 1 in each corner) connecting the downstanding rim to the top of the bath sides. Are they just for...
  2. T

    Rodding access for soil pipe in eaves

    I am installing a new bathroom which will have a 5.5m run of soil pipe from the toilet to the stack. I am planning to turn the pipe 45 degrees immediately after the toilet, then a first run of 1m, followed by another 45 degrees, then the remaining 4.5m to the stack. This will all be with...
  3. G

    Wooden Shelf - Horizontal Bracing

    Hi, I am looking for a solution to a shelving problem. The walls are crumbly and I would like to be able to put up a shelf without putting in typical wall fixings. I would like to support the shelf using a horizontal brace. I thought there must be something already out there (e.g...