roof cleaning

  1. Sharky7866

    Help Need Advice

    Hi I had a nightmare project, a extension on my house. The roofer which I hired i had lost a little faith and was working alongside side him to keep an eye out. My concern is the method he chose to butt up against my house with Conrod plain tile, he used a dry soaker, but there are gaps between...
  2. E

    How should I clean this roof

    This is the roof outside my bedroom window. I was thinking of pressure washing it - but should I use some pre-treatment? Should I pressure wash it at all? I would like to do a super duper job on it if I can! IMG_20200501_163314 by EastBelfastian posted 1 May 2020 at 5:48 PM Open to tips and...
  3. L

    Concerns about roof maintenance on potential extension - valley issue

    Hi all, Just after some general advice about an extension to our existing pitched roof. I attach a plan for reference (apologies for the sketchy scrawl!). The boundary of the existing pitched roof is demarcated by the blue dots. There is also an existing flat roof (single storey only)...