roof extension

  1. M

    How to use ladder for roof access

    So I need to get at a downpipe that has come loose from a dormer bedroom extension. However, the ladder would need to be placed on a gently sloping roof over a kitchen extension. I'm thinking of siting a telescopic ladder in the 'trough' created by the Velux window (see blue arrow in photo.)...
  2. tygerbright

    Roof lantern - external powered shade idea

    Hi all We have a 2m x 1m roof lantern in the back of our property that we had fitted with our rear extension. It's great lets in lots of light and looks good BUT .... we have an issue where during summer months flies, bees and even butterflies come in via the patio doors and fly straight up to...
  3. D

    Extension roof

    Hi, just finished my extension roof and in the top left corner I can't seem to get the tiles to lock properly around the velux and it's been driving me mad. First attempt at a roof. Can anyone advise if it would be OK as it is or what I need to do in order to get them to sit right. It all...
  4. S

    Roof Joist Prop

    Hello! First post here, so I post this humbly. I moved into a new house a couple of years ago which has an original garage on the side of the house but has been extended up to accommodate a bedroom above the garage. Originally there was a lean-to roof that would have been attached to the...
  5. ChazBuilders

    Planning Enforcement Agents Question

    Hi folks just wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice?? I'm currently having my home extended and I've received a letter saying that I've made changes to the roof of the house that wasn't on the planning permission that was granted and now the council have referred it to a planning...
  6. S

    Description of proposed works help

    Hi, we have a bungalow. We plan to raise the roof by 1.5m and add a dormer in order to convert the entire attic. Do we word this on the planning application as a "loft conversion" or a "first floor extension" or is there some clever wording which exists to explain a half height storey extension...