roof truss

  1. B

    Roof Truss Design - unusual - Building Control

    Hello In the attached photo is a roof truss I think I need on my garage, that I wish to build. It's of a slight unconventional design it seems. I was just wondering if something like that will be passed by building control? I was also thinking that, would they a support to be added that is...
  2. acurachris

    Bracing on Trusses

    Hi All I am currently installing my roof trusses and I just wanted to check my diagonal bracing as I'm not sure i've got it correct. Am I missing something here as the diagonal brace doesn't appear to sit nice at the wall plate? Only done one side at the minute. I think my drawings show...
  3. R

    Roof Truss too short help!

    Hi, I am converting the area above my garage to habitual space by changing the roof. I made a mistake in ordering the roof trusses they are too small - since its my mistake I don't want to pay for a second set. I've seen you can add 'scabs' to lengthen them. is it Ok just to nail or coach...