1. F

    Changing from hip to gable roof

    Hi everyone, new to this site so please accept my apologies if I’ve missed anything. I’ve got full planning consent for a garage conversion and extension on top. The new extension has a hip roof that’s been approved by planning. Builder advising a gable roof will look much nicer as...
  2. L

    Roof repair and loft insulation

    Hi, I am struggling to understand my roofing contractor's quote and reasoning behind some of the work. The roof on our rear extension (extended by previous owner) is missing the edges in the bottom corners and it slipped over the years. We need to replace the old skylights, so we want to...
  3. E

    Seal felt around internal soil stack

    Our internal soil stacks are attached to external vents on our roof and the felt has not been sealed around the pipes. The wind howls through the attic space as there’s plenty of ventilation at the soffits and along the ridge line. See attached photos. Is this a standard / best practice type of...
  4. stratford_noob

    Roof glass panel installed wrong?

    Hi, so I got installed warm roof on the conservatory including fancy glass panel . However the glass panel behaves weirdly, as when there is a sun light, it gets very hot in the inside and is basically emitting heat into the room. Also now there appeared some sort of weird blistering on the...
  5. N

    EPDM Repair Advice/Products

    Hi. We have had a flat roof kitchen extension built, with EPDM and two skylights. The company that built it pulled out of the project neat completion, it was really weird and I don't know why they didn't finish it but I get the feeling that they misquoted and were just cutting their losses at...
  6. P

    Roofing problem I think

    Hi all, Im new to the forum I hope you can forgive me if I post something in the wrong place. I hope someone can help me. My neighbour has had new roof tiles put by a council, and to my eyes the bit where is merging with my roof it just doesnt look right. Their tiles are bigger than mine but...
  7. J

    Roof needs reinforcing ?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of buying a property. The RICS surveyor flagged the roof as being problematic: the purlin towards the front of the house seems to have moved by a few cm and is not fully resting on the diagonal support along its length or on the metal support in the party wall. -...
  8. R

    Roof Ventilation - roof with no soffits or fascias - how many roof vents?

    Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help advise. I've had two roofers out to look at my attic space, as there is inadequate ventilation in the ceiling void and therefore we've had issues with condensation collecting on the roof felt in winter and it being extremely hot in the summer. Both...
  9. N

    Tiles Nail it or not?

    Hi all, I’m replacing my roof. Attached are my roof tiles. When installing roofer didn’t nailed any of those to battens. Sati that these kind of tiles no need nailing. And in future replacement will be easy. is that correct? Do we mail it? Bit confused.
  10. B

    Dry ridge roof system- foil roll tape lifted up

    Hi, our house built 8 years ago has dry ridge roof system and the metal foil tape/aluminium flashing has lifted up. The tiles are still in place. Asked the builder and they said it’s out of warranty, asked NhBc and they said if it’s not leaking they don’t want to know. Not sure if it is a...
  11. O

    Rafters meeting flat roof section, how to fix.

    Hi, I'm constructing a roof for a single storey extension. The roof is composed of two parts, one gable (vaulted ceiling) and one flat roof. I've attached image. I'm under the understanding that usually rafters from an inclined section are connected by a birdsmouth, but internally this will...
  12. N

    Flat roof insulation advice

    Hi :) I have just bought a house in need of much renovation! One room is flat roof and I am unsure if I need to add any insulation between the rafters or if there is a layer of inuslation above the boards and the space between the rafters is for air flow. Any advice welcome :) Thanks
  13. W

    Need advice! Rear extension up to line of junction

    Hello! We are building rear extension at the moment, our roof is pitched roof (gable roof) and our neiboughour is shed roof (slope roof), so our roof edge is generally lower than the neiboughour's Our builder said that it's better to have around 100-150mm gap between our extension wall to the...
  14. S

    advice on replacing roof rafters following historical woodworm

    Hi I purchased a 1600's house a few months back which has historical woodworm (obviously) but following 2 independent assessments, no sign of new infestation. However - having had a *really* good look around the loft, probably 10% of the rafters have been well chewed through and I suspect need...
  15. M

    Uninsulated section of roof

    Hi, We have a narrow (3m wide) pitched roof extending from the main roof over the kitchen in our old bungalow, most of it looks insulated with the thin black stuff in 1st pic, but there's a 5/6 foot section that is bare tiles (pic 2) quite breezy in the recent storms though we've had no...
  16. L

    Where's the water coming from??

    Hi , The boxed in support beam in my kitchen had water coming in. The hole in pic was made to see where exactly the water was coming from (photo attached). I've been told three different things - that it's because there is probably no tray in the cavity wall, that it's the render, that it's the...
  17. S

    Damp from roof?

    Hello I have a damp issue, paint peeling and water marks at the interface of the original building and extension. I looked at the roof. See two photos. The photos show the pitched roof of the extension, where it joins the original building wall. The render on the wall of the original building...
  18. J

    Convert Conservatory polycarbonate roof into a solid roof - Help

    After few season on not be able to use the conservatory as too cold on winter and too warm on summer. I`m now exploring the idea of converting the roof into a solid one but not sure what can be done without stripping everything down. This is a Victorian conservatory 3x3mm around 20 years old...
  19. ChazBuilders

    Planning Enforcement Agents Question

    Hi folks just wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice?? I'm currently having my home extended and I've received a letter saying that I've made changes to the roof of the house that wasn't on the planning permission that was granted and now the council have referred it to a planning...
  20. O

    Positioning flat roof rafters

    Hi, I'm installing a flat roof on a single storey extension. I'm installing the first rafter and unsure how far it should be from the adjacent wall that runs parallel. Is there a set distance or does butt up to the internal wall ? I will be adding insulation in between the rafters so not sure if...