1. Z

    Water leaking in from chimney stack

    After every rain I can see damp patches on the chimney breast in the bedrooms of my first and second floor. had several roofers come round to quote but none followed up and one point blank told me that he "didn't fancy it" because of the height. In the end I had someone come in and but "a...
  2. T

    Strengthen loft joints with perpendicular battens

    I am boarding some of my loft for storage and am a bit confused on the best way to strengthen the existing joists. I have read conflicting advice, some say you can add additional joists on top and perpendicular to the exsting ones. Others say do them parallel and some say increase the height of...
  3. Howhardcoulditbe

    Is this normal? Please help!

    First post so please be gentle :LOL: I’ve recently bought a house and wanting to use the garage as a workshop / gym. The roofing membrane looks pretty nasty from the inside and there’s a few holes, plus it’s rotten away by a few inches at the gutters. I therefore want to replace it (myself)...
  4. L

    Roof and ceiling drooping

    Hello to everyone here, I am very worried right now, we have had our top roof done and scaffolding was used to help the roofers. The scaffolding was put up on the front porch, down the side and on the single storey kitchen roof. The problem is the kitchen roof! The scaffolders were big and heavy...
  5. gr22

    Roof damage?

    Hi, I have a question about my roof. In the loft I can see daylight, from the outside it looks like no tiles are missing or damaged and on the inside it just looks like the underlay (?/roof felt) has come away - this definitely seems like a new issue as I haven't seen daylight in the loft...
  6. D

    Infuriating leak

    Hello. I apologise if this should be in a more appropriate thread. I had a look but couldn't find one. Tearing my hair out here about this leak which proceeds from roof into bedroom, down same column to kitchen on one side and dining room on the other. The roof was replaced two years ago and was...
  7. D

    Chimney leak in a new roof...please help

    I've had a complete reroof done (new membrane, same tiles, new guttering, a few rafters reinforced and a new render around chimneys). I did that as a preventative measure as the roof membrane was very old, but had no leaks. 3 months after the roof was done a serious leak developed on the top of...
  8. D

    Victorian Terraced House - Parapet Wall

    I am looking for advice on rendering the parapet wall as seen in photos Currently I have scaffolding up all around the roof because a company is doing external wall insulation and silicone rendering on the house I have checked the condition of my parapet wall and the render looks very old and...
  9. S

    GRP dry valley & tiles detail

    Hi, I had 2 GRP dry valleys installed (replacing old style ones) and the tiles seem to have some distance from the middle ridge. My roofer claims they don't need to be flush as long as they are past the inner rivet. Neighbour's roofer disagrees. GRP valley specs/ installation guides are not...
  10. J

    Warm vs cold roof extension depth

    Hi, I’m having difficulty finding an answer to what seems a simple question. What is a typical depth for a warm vs cold roof in a rear extension? i.e the measurement from the underside of the ceiling to the top of the roof. Thank you!
  11. Jeff543

    Top of Porch rotted

    Any advice on sealing/mending the cracks in this front-door porch? Photos of top of porch from from bathroom window.
  12. W

    Insulation between floors on a 1960s Chalet style house?

    I removed some of the tiles on the rear tiled section between the ground and first floor on my 1960s Chalet style home to remove an unused old extractor vent. A piece of sarking felt was missing (for the old vent tube), and I could see half way towards the front of the house until an internal...
  13. K

    Is this a poorly fitted roof flue?

    Plumber fitted new boiler recently and the new flue goes through a small pitched ground floor roof. Is this a bad job or am I being overly critical. Moreover, not sure the use of sealant/mastic under the sheet metal is a long term solution. Would value some opinions.
  14. H

    Purlin joint separated

    Hi all, first time posting, I'm hoping some of you kind folks might be able to help. A purlin in the roof of our new house was flagged up by the survey. One of the lap joints has separated, leaving something like a 1" gap (pictures give a good idea of the extent of the problem). The surveyor...
  15. J

    Advice - Roofing Air Gap Issues - Cold Roof

    Looking for some advice on roofing if I may: I’m building a cabin with cold roof in SW UK and concerned about the air gap between insulation and OSB deck. The roof comprises (inside to outside): 12mm Q mark plywood Thick vapour barrier (black DPM) that is fitted best I could but without butyl...
  16. J

    New roof installation - structural problems incurred

    Hi, Currently having a new roof installed and they have found rotten timbers and some structural issues. They have done the front side already which also had issues and have asked for an additional 1k to cover the extra work and materials involved with changing some of the timber and adding...
  17. S

    Blockwork Shed Questions

    Hi. I don't have any building experience at all :eek: but I am going to have a go at making my own tool storage shed out of blocks (roughly 3m by 1.5m and just high enough to walk in). I'd appreciate any comments and suggestions on my "plan". As I progress I'll think more about each step before...
  18. J

    Re-mortared verge had cracked

    We had our verge mortar replaced one month ago. The roofer took off all the tiles, replaced the under cloak, and then put new mortar down and replaced the tiles. Would anyone have any ideas of what went wrong? The mortar has come away from the under cloak along its full length, and a few...
  19. M

    Ridge beam

    Hi We are in the process of buying a house that got planning permission as a 'conservatory' but as it has opens into the house with no external doors, and has no independent heating it does not meet this criteria and is an extension. We got an architect round who said the timber beam supporting...
  20. L

    Cracks in verge mortar

    Hi there Had work done on roof recently and a few cracks are appearing in the mortar - all quite wide (see ref pic attached). Be grateful if someone can say how much of an issue this will be as roofer ghosting us. Unsure if ok because tiles on top and sheeting below should do the job? Thanks