roofing felt

  1. W

    Ventilation ideas for loft

    Hi there. I'm looking for some advice related to an issue with our loft if that's ok. Our house is around 300 years old with the original stone roof (not listed). It has two loft cavities with an exterior wall running through the centre of the house. Since moving in 3 years ago we have done...
  2. B

    Vented Roofing

    Hello I am hoping to build a extension on the side of my house that I will use as a garage. I have been reading about building regs on the roof and was wondering do I need to vent the roof space as suggested? I was going to have a warm roof, as I was hoping to fill the voids between the roof...
  3. R

    Flat Felt Roof

    Hello all, I have a flat felt roof Garage, which is in the middle of a large block. There’s a substantial amount of water ponding on top in a bottom corner. (I cleared this today along with cleaning out the guttering) There’s no guttering at the rear where the ponding is, only at the front so...
  4. X

    Do we need a full reroof?!?

    Please help! We’re not actually considering doing this on our own, just looking for roofing advice. We’ve been living in our first house for just over a year and know nothing about roofing! We have a leak coming into our bedroom along the line of the eaves of the house. We’ve been told by two...
  5. MeldrewsMate

    Garage apex felt roof

    I have a prefabricated garage in the garden, used as a shed/store. It is 11 feet wide and 13 feet long. The corrugated "asbestos" roof cracked in many places over the hot summer, so I have battened out the steel apex roof supports and re-roofed it with 12mm WBP ply. I bought 2 rolls of felt...
  6. E

    Lime mortar torching & ventilation advice

    We have a 1930s house with a tile roof without any felt. It has lime mortar torching which falls constantly. We only use the loft for storage but I'd like to stop everything getting covered in the mortar. I have a few questions as I've had some existing advice from roofers: Is it ok to have the...