1. MattyP182

    Insulating room in roof

    Hi all, We live in a chalet style house where the bedrooms are essentially in the roof. The bedroom walls are stud with uninsulated plasterboard. The studs are visible from the eaves side of the wall and would seem easy enough to put some flexible batt insulation in here, was thinking wood...
  2. A

    Floorboard transition between rooms

    Hello everyone. Happy friday. I am looking for advice on how to finish this strip between two exposed floorboard rooms… There used to be a raised tradition strip that was a trip hazard. I would ideally like to keep the new transition level with the floor. I was thinking to trim the edges of...
  3. commando3

    Garden Room insulation.

    Im currently building a garden room but I have a question about the insulation between the wall studwork. Im using 4 x 2 cls24 timber. If I use 100mm pir boards for insulation how do I go about the electrical wiring channels for the cables and sockets? Can i cut into pir boards? Or, should I...
  4. B

    Plastering Rooms - Safety Advice

    Hi, We are soon to be having two of our bedrooms re-plastered. I have a young family and don't want to expose them to any 'nasties', i.e. dust, wet plaster fumes as the walls dry out. Is it safe for us all to be in the house while the plastering is taking place? I'm guessing that the best we...
  5. LisaYP

    Screed over safety floor in wet room

    Hi, I have a wet room, (made when i had a grant because of spinal problems) and in it the floor is safety flooring, like the kind Alto do but its grooved like an embossed pattern in it. Its not smooth which is my problem. I dont have the spinal problems anymore and want to put a shower tray and...
  6. C

    Room Stat Vs Radiator Stat?! Help Needed

    Dear all, Just moved to new home.... I have a Baxi combi boiler; fairly new and a "Center" 7 day programmable Room stat. This is located in the dining room also On each of the radiators we have a "Myson TRV 2...
  7. O

    Semi-detached house conversion: Moving the Staircase

    Hi Everyone, RE: I need advice on where to move the staircase? [I have added the floor plans] If this is your trade could you tell me how much it would cost? and what would it entail? or If it can be done myself, how to go about moving it. Do I need an architect? or just a carpenter? Thank...
  8. R

    Converting a room into a garage

    Considering converting a room into a garage and looking for guidance. The room was originally a garage but was converted approx. 15 years ago. The physical size of the "building/room" does not change only its purpose (reverting back to former use!) The intention is to create a double garage...