1. O

    Flat roof semi detached

    I am after some help if possible on the below situation. I have a 1950s semi detached house and I am looking to convert the garage into livable space. It’s currently got an asbestos roof which I’ll have removed and disposed of. I need best advice as how to have the new warm roof. It’s 6 meters...
  2. B

    Timber Door Seal Identification

    Hi, can anyone help me identify this type of door seal? We have 3 on the bottom of each external timber door and quite a few have perished. Can't seem to find anything similar on the web. Thanks, Brian.
  3. bettz1

    Changing upvc patio door gaskets

    Hi past few years I've noticed our patio doors seem to let a draft in I've tightened up the keeps messed with the hinges outside etc and they have improved but you can still feel the cold in the bottom corner. Noticed the rubber gaskets on the doors look a bit worn although the house is 9 years...
  4. stratford_noob

    Waterproofing exterior garage wall

    Hi, I have long going dampness issue on one of my garage wall as big part of it is under the ground level as it makes border with my neighbour who has his ground level higher then me. I have finally managed to dig a trench around the wall in my neighbour garden and now I need to seal it, and...
  5. T

    What is the purpose of fascia boards compared to cladding

    I'm rebuilding a flat roofed garage and am wondering what the point in fascia boards are here because the rafters don't overhang the wall, instead they finish flush with the edge of the wall. Is there any reason I shouldn't clad right up to the roof line? A rubber roof will be installed with a...
  6. T

    Thermal expansion noises in dormer cladding

    We had a full width dormer extension built earlier this year which has dark grey cladding and a flat rubber roof. On warm sunny mornings there's lots of cracking noises as something expands. It responds very quickly to the sun coming out and the will be a cracking noise every few seconds a...
  7. D

    Flat rubber roof cover flashing

    Hi Wonder if anyone can advise, I have a rubber flat roof, but it has now cover flashing installed. Wondered if it's advisable to have some installed and are there any codes or specs that are advisable? Do you know roughly how much you'd be looking at getting it done? Approx 8-10 metres in...
  8. D

    Which rigid mat under washing machine, under vinyl flooring

    1st floor galley kitchen with vinyl flooring. Kitchen is not 'fitted'. I'd like to put some sort of fairly rigid mat under the washing machine to prevent the point loaded washing machine feet from damaging the click vinyl as the machine tries to go walkabout. I read that rubber mats, or...
  9. Rendelf

    Concrete, vibration, latex?

    Hi all, Current project is building a customised shower for our boat. The design hinges around cheapness, but one that fits into an unusual space. Currently, plan is to create the shower tray from successive layers of marine-ply, glued together and then coated with a marine-grade resin from...