1. R

    Loud droning from new Vaillant system boiler

    We had a new Vaillant EcoTec Plus 612 system boiler installed in February. Occasionally, about once per week, we have experienced a very loud droning resonance in the pipework. This is savage enough to be heard through the house and felt on the pipes and boiler casing. It appears to be caused...
  2. P

    Nest thermostat with 2 hot water cylinders - how?

    Hello all, been a frequent visitor here for lots of tips over the years, but this is my first question. I would like to upgrade my Drayton digistat 3 (central heating) and separate Drayton LP711 (hot water) controllers to a single Nest system that controls both CH+HW. System is open vented...
  3. rbranco

    ECOTEC 418 HW causing S53/S07/S08, sizing, VR66

    Ecotec 418 open vented S-Plan 2 Port HW & CH Valves Standard HW/CH timer and roomsat/cylstat Pump 15/50 - Speed 3 ABV installed (setting 2) between pump/valves and return back before the Magnaclean but its on a 15mm not 22mm pipe 10 Radiators (6xType10,2xType20,1xVertical double column, 1xType11...
  4. S

    Installing Nest Heatlink to replace Danfoss 4033 & Honeywall Thermostat

    Hi, I am new to this forum and find it really useful. Hoping to get more info from anyone who can share information on how to wire my new Nest 3rd gen learning thermostat and heatlink to my Danfoss 4033 programmer. I must confess that i "really" looked up on the heating system after buying...
  5. P

    Nest Installation

    Hello All, I am about to install a Nest to replace my existing Drayton Hot water programmer and a Salus Wireless Central Heating controller for what I believe is an S-Plan setup. I have bought the 3rd Generation Nest and a nest stand for the new Nest thermostat. I was hoping that someone can...
  6. P

    S plan wiring woes

    Hi guys. I've got something strange going on with a s-plan system with two 2-port valves, dual programmer, room stat and cylinder stat. Even when the programmer is not calling for heat there is power going to the ch valve causing the boiler to fire up. The only way to turn it off is to kill the...
  7. S

    S-Plan with no Bypass

    Hi Great forum btw! I have a Vaillant EcoTech 418, S-Plan system, 2 zones (HW unvented cylinder + CH), installed 1 year ago. Standard 3 speed Grundfos pump. The system seems to work, but boiler periodically (say once a month) cuts out with error F72... "Flow and/or return NTC fault". I've now...
  8. M

    Boiler Pressure Gauge in S-Plan heating

    Hi All, I just moved in to a new house and have a question. Heating and DHW are fed by Worcester bosch CDI30 setup within S-plan (2 motorised valves, indirect cylinder etc) and also expansion tank + feeding tank. Question is - as this is a non pressurised system - should I be concerned with...