salus rt520tx

  1. smunir

    Replacing Salus RT520TX wireless thermostat with Google Nest

    it's a Alpha E-Tec 33 combi boiler. We have a Nest 3rd generation thermostat waiting to be installed and I was considering having a go installing it myself but just want to ask opinion on here first then decide whether or not to get a professional to do it. There is a fused spur going into the...
  2. B

    Salus RT520TX Thermostat not controlling boiler/receiver

    I’ve reset my thermostat and re-paired it to the receiver (red light goes from flashing to permanently on) but the green light doesn’t come on unless I switch it to manual. When switched to auto, the thermostat doesn’t switch the green light on when the flame indicator is on; I set the...