samsung tv

  1. J

    Bright spots on Samsung TV

    Hi We have a Samsung TV (UE50MU6120) which developed the seemingly common fault of several bright spots over the screen. All the information online suggested it was the LED lens covers/reflectors which had come loose. I have just got round to dismantling the TV today to discover that all of...
  2. DaveFix

    Recommendations for Samsung TV with Freeview + Freesat please

    Hello, I've spent days looking for a new Samsung TV with two specific features, but their website makes it almost impossible to check all technical specs, let alone compare, and often seems to contradict the features mentioned in eBay and Amazon listings. I'm looking for a model around 50-55"...
  3. S

    Aerial cable

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone knew the reason for my aerial cable not fitting my ANT port on my new Samsung smart TV. The end of the cable and the port itself are the exact same size so I can’t fit either one into the other. Please help!