1. Dpicker1

    Santon Premiere Plus Boiler HELP

    Hi we just moved to England and this is the boiler we have in our new apartment. A month has gone by, got our energy bill and it’s £350. Convinced we’ve got this on the wrong setting. Please help us!Image by Dpicker1 posted 11 Apr 2021 at 10:24 PM
  2. B

    Downstairs heating turning itself on, upstairs fine?

    Problem: Downstairs radiators keep coming on by themselves, even when thermostat/programmer would indicate CH either shouldn't be on at current temp/time or programmer is deactivated but CH still comes on. Upstairs rads function at the correct time/temp as per the programmer. Tried so far...
  3. B

    Unvented Indirect Tundish Discharge - What Reason?

    Hello knowledgeable folks. I have an issue that occurred about a year ago and has come up again. I have a Santon Premier Indirect Unvented heating cylinder and when the heating system is running there appears to be water discharge from the tundish. This is not a constant discharge, because...