scantronic burglar alarm error

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    Scantronic 9651 - Deactivate?!

    Hello, I have a Scantronic 9651 alarm which is beeping and low battery sign showing. I had it replaced by an engineer 4 years ago but I never use the alarm and just want to deactivate the whole thing... is this possible Without an engineer call out?! Thank you.
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    Scantronic 9827

    having nightmare with my House Alarm - I know its a relatively old model but I wonder if anyone can suggest anything. Although my keypad is showing no fault, its not letting me set the system - the read out is just the two blinking lines. Im wondering if i have to reset the system by...
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    Scantronic burglar alarm error

    Our Scantronic alarm keypad shows "Zone tamper 201" the number changes constantly between 201, 202, to 203. We don't have a clue about anything technical (pensioner's) but wondered if this will be an easy fix rather than pay another engineer. The problem started after a power cut, this is the...