1. L

    How to mask / minimise scratches on veneer kitchen cabinets

    Hi all. I’ve just moved into a rented flat where the previous tenants have done quite a bit of damage. The kitchen cabinet doors have a number of scratches which I would like to make less noticeable (see pictures). I have very little DIY experience so a simple solution that would have a decent...
  2. S

    Render advice..

    I have a builder who has been working for me for a number of weeks and he has done a lot of work for me in the past. he is a jack of all trades, very handy guy and we have and receptive to my 'research'. Due to most of the the house being old and somewhat awkward he advised me to take the...
  3. D

    Plastic float to prevent scratching uPVC

    What sort of float is used when plastering/skimming around uPVC windows so the white uPVC doesn't get scratched by a steel float? I looked on Screwfix but maybe I wasn't using the right search term, I couldn't find anything that looked right. Tnx Dain
  4. robodelfy

    Rendering small wall, mix by hand?

    Hi, sorry for any silly questions, first time rendering here! I'm getting a guy to come and plaster this wall, but he said I could save some money by doing a coat of render then a scratch coat, then he'd plaster. It's such a small job, how hard would it be to mix the render without power...
  5. GogoPogoz

    My scratchy knob - can it be restored?

    I have a scratchy knob! ;) Please see photo. Can it be restored? What's the best / safest thing to try? Wire wool? Brasso? T-cut? other? Thanks in advance.