screed drying times

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    Glued Flooring over screed and UFH

    We are in the middle of a small kitchen extension and have installed wet UFH over insulation and screed which was laid on 13th December. We have engineered wood flooring to be installed on top (glue down). Our builder is now saying because the flooring is glue down it will need more drying time...
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    Screed drying time and pets!

    Hi, My extension floor is currently having screed put down over 150mm Celotex insulation. I don't know the thickness, but it would be a few cm of screed I'd say. We have a cat - he has already tried to get over the wet screed whilst it was in progress. I understand that screed dries about a...
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    Underfloor water heating. Is it worth it

    Hello All, I am in the middle of the extension and my builder is suggesting under floor water heating. We have block and beam floor put on. I am wondering if anyone can help me answer the following questions 1. Is it cost effective to put the underfloor water heating on? 2. How thick the...