self levelling

  1. G

    Concrete base cracked, bitumen coating with parquet (1960s)

    Hi, looking for a bit of advice please regarding the flooring in our 1960s house. We moved in to our renovation project recently and we are looking to move the kitchen into a kitchen/diner room at the rear. After lifting the carpet/underlay in the room that will form the kitchen, we discovered...
  2. M

    Damp proof self levelling

    Hi, iv recently knocked my kitchen through to my dining room leaving a gap in the floor that will need filling in. My problem is, I don't know if I need any damp proofing and wondered if anyone could help. Is self levelling compound damp proof? Iv attached a pic so you get where I'm coming from...
  3. A

    Increase drying time for self levelling compound

    Hi. I need to level a 24m2 room, but it's only me doing it. I have bought Mapei 3240, and I see that it says the open time is 20 mins. I assume this is time I have to work with it before it starts to set? Is there any way to lengthen this time to allow me to mix further batches? I dont need it...
  4. janieJones123

    Found dip in subfloor after installing engineered flooring

    I have just finished installing a new floating, click together, engineered wooden floor in my first floor bedroom. I had been pretty diligent to prepare the room before hand, remove any raised nails, splats of plaster etc, and check for any dips in the subfloor. I didn't notice any. The...
  5. ajmetro

    Self levelling compound over polyethylene paint

    Hello everyone, There is no mention specifically about SLC over polyethylene paints. The general consensus of leveling over paint is a no no as the adhesion is not there. I have a large area of floor that needs levelling out slightly to get rid of the ridges in the laid concrete. The concrete...