semi detached

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    Flat roof semi detached

    I am after some help if possible on the below situation. I have a 1950s semi detached house and I am looking to convert the garage into livable space. It’s currently got an asbestos roof which I’ll have removed and disposed of. I need best advice as how to have the new warm roof. It’s 6 meters...
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    Painting a perfect line between semi detached house

    Hello! As the title suggests, I am looking to paint my house and just wondering what tips or tricks people might have when painting the line up to where it meets my neighbour's house as we're semi detached. Cheers.
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    neighbours moved gutter downpipe without permission

    Hi all, My dad lives in a semi-detached house with the shared down pipe being on his neighbours property. The neighbours did a loft extension and remodelling of their house and during this time they have drilled into my dads property and moved the down pipe to his side without asking...
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    Semi Detached Stepped rear extension

    Dear all We're looking to build an extension along our party wall on our semi-detached house which has a stepped rear. I understand that Permitted Development won't be granted as the stepped side wall means any extension will have a width greater than half the width of the original house...