sewage smells

  1. K

    Smell and pressure coming through shower trap

    Hi all, Newbie here. Looking for some advise and help please Back story….. Some years ago my dad had an extension to his house which included a newly built downstairs shower room. Recently he had this downstairs shower room re-fitted/decorated. Quite a simple set up consisting of a sink...
  2. L

    Waste pipe flowing wrong direction?

    Hi guys, So I’m desperately after some advice! Since moving into our house a few years ago the sewer pipes always get blocked. We’ve had professionals clean them but they still clog up after a few months. What I believe to be happening is my waste pipes are not on a steep enough gradient and/or...
  3. N

    Air and smells coming up around gap in the soil pipe

    Hi. We had a new soil pipe put in and a new toilet but since the work I have getting a lot of sewage smells coming up around the soil pipe. No leaks anywhere but I have seen that there is a void around the base of the soil stack that air is rising up from. The void is wide enough to put my hand...