shower head

  1. Quinn102

    EcoShower heads and power showers??

    Hello, I am about to install a Hansgrohe Eco Smart shower head/riser to my AquaLisa aqua stream. Its a power shower. My concern is that the hose on the new stuff is narrower, and the eco-smart thing sounds like a flow-reduction device of some sort. Will this cause damage to my shower unit...
  2. A

    Help fitting a concealed shower head please

    Hey! I am trying to finish off fitting this shower head but unfortunately seem to have run into issues accessing the thread. I’ve attached a couple photos of the issue. Would anyone know what would be required here? There’s tile then plasterboard, a cavity then where i have good access theres...
  3. B

    Loose shower head - how to tighten

    I have an electric Redring shower. The pray head has come loose and it won't tighten meaning that the shower head on the riser bar wont stay in position. The head has a screw that is meant to tighten the swivel head but it just keeps loosening off. I have attached pictures of the head and the...
  4. Y

    How to use this shower head bracket?

    14218E04-F36D-4655-BD52-EEE1110F9090 by Yss posted 18 Sep 2021 at 11:22 PM 14218E04-F36D-4655-BD52-EEE1110F9090 by Yss posted 18 Sep 2021 at 11:22 PM Very confused. Help appreciated
  5. G

    Shower acting weird?

    Hi everyone, I have recently entered a new property. The property is served hot water by a gas combi boiler at a fixed temperature of 55oC. The bathroom of the property has a shower mixer with a tap, similar to the one shown on the attached image. From the beginning, this setup has been...
  6. E

    Shower woes

    (I hope this query comes under the appropriate category - ie plumbing) ============================================= What has started as, and should be, a simple fix up job has not proved to turn into a troublesome. We have a shower head fixed to the bathroom wall as per photos: First...
  7. E

    Unable to identify fixed shower head fitting - is this a Grohe?

    Hi - looking to replace a wall-fixed shower head. Immediately running into some issues: It is +10yrs old and is likely discontinued, although someone has mentioned it may be a Grohe. I have approached Grohe my contact says he has never seen it before. - any ideas of the brand will help...
  8. SheyMouse

    Finding compatible shower head

    I am trying to find a replacement for the fixed head on my shower. The old head holds the thread, and the pipe has the "bolt" you screw onto the head to hold it in place. I've only found the opposite at B&Q, where the "bolt" or male attachment is on the head. What would I be looking for in a...