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    Anybody know much about Sikkens?

    Hi, I have a wooden cabin in my garden which I want to weather protect and paint. Somebody once told me that Sikkens was a good product to paint into the wood as a protective coating before painting. I have looked at the Sikkens website and find their product range and information...
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    Filler on external front door

    Hi all, I'm planning to refinish my front door with sikkens 7. Before I start I want to fill some gaps in it to prevent drafts and water ingress. There is sone kind of silicone already in place, which blends in really well, any idea what it might be? Check the pictures out for a better...
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    Sikkens recoat/maintenance

    Hi, I have a front door which was painted with a light oak coloured Sikkens 7 product around 4 years ago. It still looks great, however there are a few scratches and chips that I'd like to sort - but I thought I may as well stain the full door and frame. So - which Sikkens product should I...