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    Saniflo issue, recent installation - any ideas?!

    Hoping someone can help. About 4 months ago I had an ensuite built in the attic with a shower, basin and toilet attached to a Sanpro XR UP. The waste pipe is 22mm and runs horizontally about 3 metres, then down to the floor below, then horizontal again (with a lift at one point) for around...
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    Hozelock 3000 K7 pump - anti-siphoning setup

    Hi all, I've had an issue for quite some time, and wondered if anyone has a suitable solution, given the water pressure that this pump puts out. So, the issue is, that we have our pump permanently connected to a waterbutt, however when the pump has been on, we're seeing that there's a...
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    Cistern siphon rubber seal

    Just fitting a new siphon into a low-level cistern (not close-coupled, has a flush pipe). The rubber seal that comes with it is flat on one side and ridged on the other. Which way up should this rubber seal go ?
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    Replacing siphon in old high level cistern

    When I want to flush the toilet multiple pulls of the chain is required and it is getting worse over the past few months. I was told that I need a new siphon. But as I know nothing about plumbing I don't know if this is true either so please excuse my ignorance. I do know it is old, I am...
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    Unusual Bath Waste to Identify and Repalce

    Can anyone identify this bath waste I need to replace. It looks like a shower waste in the bottom of the bath, but it has an integrated plunger which is operated by a winder like a normal pop up waste, which is mounted on the bath deck. The overflow is hidden and works on a big inverted U bend...