Hozelock 3000 K7 pump - anti-siphoning setup

19 May 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

I've had an issue for quite some time, and wondered if anyone has a suitable solution, given the water pressure that this pump puts out.

So, the issue is, that we have our pump permanently connected to a waterbutt, however when the pump has been on, we're seeing that there's a siphoning of water coming off when the pump is switched off. Hozelock have made a suggestion, of attaching a microbore hoze at the highest point of the output hose, but it doesn't appear to work, and we end up with a stream of water shooting out as a result. I've attached the file that I was sent by them.

I wondered if anyone has an ingenious way of overcoming this issue, which I could try?



  • water butt pump anti syphon set up.pdf
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Try running the outlet hose horizontal for awhile before dropping down to ground level.
Some drippers for microbore hose incorporate a one way valve. You could try one the wrong way round on the end of the bit of microbore hose that you have connected so that it can let air in but wont let water out.
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